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Official Rules: Collaborative Resource & Idea Board (C.R.I.B.)

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    Very Clearly.
  2. LW001
    I really like the idea of it, maybe make it go more towards a thing with different licenses like an extra field for what you have to put into your description when using it.
  3. Mr Price
  4. Cheechako Mines
    Cheechako Mines
    Awesome love it :)
  5. Roedy Rustam
    Roedy Rustam
    info yg sangat menarik , semoga bisa menekukan teman untuk kolaborasi
  6. Heated
    I believe that the rule regarding images needing to be included with a resource is a bit silly in my opinion. I think that it should be removed/edited so that instead of having your resource taken down, a message should be sent to the 'uploader' explaining what they need to fix. I think all rule breakers without malicious intent should be notified of what they did wrong. (Crib related broken rules)
  7. Christian Castaneda
    Christian Castaneda
    Thank's for letting me be test this out, I really want to create my portfolio and this will help.
  8. Dev_J
    There are a few things on the secret project I'd like to comment on that may improve it in the future;

    I feel like the main page can be easily spammed with resources from the same person all at once which kind of overwhelms and 1-2 resource users how many have some good stuff but it won't bee seen. maybe limit how many can be posted in a given time (like once every 15-30 mins) which can be done in xenforo permission (I know as I run a xenforo forum myself with this addon).

    There is also a lack of categories

    maybe spreading out the GFX to have logos, banner ,thumbnails, intro, outros along with one for renders(for people who make HD background images) as separate categories, this will make it easier for people to find what they are looking for.
  9. AngelPandaz
    There are a few things I would add to this either as rule or as an option(or both) when upload your template and that is:
    An option that would be if its for personal use only(something like this : you have permission to use this on your channel or any you manage however you may not re sell or re package this in any way to profit off of the sale or transfer of it or claim it as your own work) or free (meaning it doesn't matter if you have ads and you make money while using it ofc aslong as you don't claim it as your own work) I think adding what I said would really help ^-^~ Either than that great rules :P
  10. Anthony Smith
    Anthony Smith
    Good rules!!