Hey guys. My name is Liam and I am a 15 mature and male, teenage boy. This year (2015), I have been in hospital for passing out and much more and I have tablets (medication) that can make me have different personalities. Firstly what I mean by that is please, don't think I am whatever I am (on my medication) as always, but I am more or less a stable person.

So, I am 15. I love writing, blogging, setting up servers, configurating them and majorly just making servers like MC-Moon. I am also the proud Owner and Founder of MC-Moon. Speaking of me writing; I have personally been writing a book, that I may plan to release if you guys want it (it's unfinished, due to the hospital events, and I may not continue it to be honest). I have planned how I am going to do MC-Moon, planned on what I am buying for it, and handling the donation money, as well as handling the community and configuration {I think everything to be blunt about it :p}
- To elaborate what MC-Moon is, is that it is a Minecraft server network. Can find it here.

I am also a YouTuber, with the categories of Music and Gaming. Can find my music one here and my gaming one here. If you're interested in recording with me, simply contact me. I won't charge or anything like that, but I would probably ignore if a whole bunch of people ask.

Eh... What's left about me really?........ I am allergic to grass. I can't go outside much unless I have medication but that's it really.
Nov 22, 1999 (Age: 24)