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  1. The Moviea

    YouTube Is minecraft content part of kids content?

    I am a creator who makes Minecraft videos and stuff. But recently, I have heard this news about the changes in the new terms and services of YouTube, about kids' content. I was really worried if Minecraft would fall into this category. Since Minecraft is for all ages, I really don't know if I...
  2. The Moviea

    Resources Freedom! Artist Thumbnail/Banner

    The Moviea submitted a new resource: Freedom! Artist Thumbnail/Banner - This is mostly for Freedom! artists. Read more about this resource...
  3. The Moviea

    Music My new release!

    Hey, what is up, guys! It is me, ThemovieaYT! Today, I have made my great release to show to everyone in this forum! If you think there is a problem, then be sure to leave it in the reply section down below! If you liked it, then be sure to hit that like in this post! Thank you so much, and...
  4. The Moviea

    Solved Can you show me a way to post in media?

    Hey, Freedom! Can you please help me about how to upload a content to media? Thank you for your help! The reason why i need your help for this one is that, there are no paste youtube video url as until now. If there is a way, then please leave it in the comment section down below! Again. thanks...
  5. The Moviea

    Entertainment MY FIRST DEMO TRACK! (Used only 2 plugins)

    This is my original first track! Hope you enjoy it! If it needs to be improved, then please leave a reply down from this post. Thank you. ---------------------------------------
  6. The Moviea

    Resources Freedom Artist Banners/Thumbnails

    Hey, what is up, guys! today I have made a new preset for all of the music artists out there. If there is any music artist, then be sure to download the preset! So that can proove you that you are a freedom member. (Also if people will use this, that means Freedom will be a music label too!)...
  7. The Moviea

    Solved Where can i sell my merches in this forum?

    Hey what is up, guys! It is me, ThemovieaYT! Can i ask you guys something, is there any way to sell merches in this forum? Or am I allowed to do that? I really want to sell my first shirt here if I am allowed. Thank you so much!
  8. The Moviea

    Solved Will I be accepted as partner?

    Will I be accepted as a partner in freedom if there is any fair use content? Like if I got something copyrighted, I can dispute by using fair use LEGALLY. Right? But I wonder if Freedom! accepts fair use content from youtube. I really want to upload my mashups. But I am afraid that I might not...
  9. The Moviea


    My promotion to invite more people!!!!! Sorry for some audio problems. I still dont have a microphone. anyways, enjoy the video! #FreedomFamily!!!!!
  10. The Moviea

    YouTube Is there any fonts that I can use?

    Hey what is up, guys! Is there any fonts that I could use for my youtube thumbnails? If there is, then please leave it in the comment section! (and the link too please!)
  11. The Moviea

    Solved About freedom membership

    Hello, guys! It is me, ThemovieaYT again! I am here again if there is a way i can get a membership in this Freedom! Community forum. Is there any way I can get a Freedom! Community Membership? If there is a way. then be sure to reply it to me!
  12. The Moviea

    Solved Asking Permission.....

    Hey what is up, guys! It is me, ThemovieaYT! This is my question, will I be able to upload my mashups in this Freedom! Community?
  13. The Moviea

    Entertainment Hey what is up, guys!

    Hey what is up, everybody! It is me, ThemovieaYT! This is my first post of this Freedom! Forum and I am a new user and my account is like 10 minutes old. If you want to see me more posting on this Freedom! forum, then be sure to follow me! I will upload some new stuffs regularly as possible. I...