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  1. Danny

    YouTube New channel name

    I like the sound of Techno Dunk. It rolls off the tongue nicely. :)
  2. Danny

    Looking for a cheap vloging camrea

    Do you have a smartphone? Most smartphones nowadays have great cameras that are often overlooked by vloggers.
  3. Danny

    Forums YouTube Live Streaming on the Forums!

    What are some popular live stream options? I know a lot of people stream video games but that doesn't suit my channel so well anymore. I've thought of streaming my project development but I don't usually talk when I tinker and then nobody would watch me, haha. :confused:
  4. Danny

    YouTube How does everyone feel about the new criteria?

    I think it'll hurt some decently-well established, but small communities in the sense that, it cuts off a revenue stream that the creators can use to buy small bits of equipment. For instance, I was able to buy a new microphone (Sony ECM-44B) for my videos, using my Adsense dollars. I'm afraid...
  5. Danny

    Strange Sleeping Disorders, I have Sleep Paralysis :). What about You?

    I've had sleep paralysis only once before, but it wasn't really scary in the way most people describe. It was another regular day in my life with my non-existent sleep schedule when I decided it'd be a good time to nap. So, I closed my eyes and tried to drift off when I noticed this really high...
  6. Danny

    YouTube YouTube making monetization criteria even more strict

    I don't think I really have the personality to do a live show yet and my schedule is too hectic to make that kind of a promise but I appreciate the idea. I'll definitely keep giving it some thought. :)
  7. Danny

    YouTube YouTube making monetization criteria even more strict

    Just under 3,000. :(
  8. Danny

    YouTube YouTube making monetization criteria even more strict

    A year of endless grinding and countless all-nighters and then this. I had the opportunity to buy an expensive mic to make better videos for my subscribers, with half of it being paid by channel earnings (the other half came from my pocket.) Now, it might be a very long time for this...
  9. Danny

    Official GIF me up, before you go go

    Got'cha, fixed it!
  10. Danny

    Marvel Or DC ?

    DC because Batman.
  11. Danny

    Community Holiday Videos?

    That sounds awesome! You're really going the extra mile this holiday season. :D Have you done anything similar in the past years? I've been on the YouTube platform for a really long time, but it's the first time I'm actually making holiday-themed videos and spending time with my community.
  12. Danny

    Community Holiday Videos?

    Dang, you do quite a bit for Christmas. Doing a live stream sounds like a super cool idea! :D
  13. Danny

    Community Holiday Videos?

    Very exciting! I've been doing a similar thing, though it's with an upcoming project video series. :)
  14. Danny

    Community Holiday Videos?

    Ooh, is it like a surprise video that you're keeping a secret in the mean time? :)
  15. Danny

    Community Holiday Videos?

    Aw, that's just charming! :D
  16. Danny

    Official GIF me up, before you go go

    Thanks for trying! Maybe the normal user group isn't selected on my profile, then Retired Admin would be my only group. :o
  17. Danny

    Official GIF me up, before you go go

    Ooh, this one is fun! GIF: Technically, we shouldn't have been there... @ 2:16 from source video: Edit: My Gif doesn't seem to be working, could there be a permission error? :( @Row @Koala_Steamed
  18. Danny

    YouTube Retention and Tag relevancy!

    Nice tip! I love it when people analyze the analytics part of the Creator Studio. Some time ago, I was reading a thread in which a YouTube employee pointed out the comparison feature and demonstrated a use case for it. It blew my mind!
  19. Danny

    Community Holiday Videos?

    Hey all! Just thought I'd post this to some of my favourite YouTube communities, I am genuinely interested. How do you all celebrating the holidays in your videos? For my channel, I just set up a festive background, throw in some holiday-themed music and continue my usual format. No specific...
  20. Danny


    Player Unknown's Battlegrounds with friends! So many unbelievable things happen on that game, getting it all on footage is just so much fun. :D