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  1. Stretch AdventureKS

    I just got Member Of the Month? ;-;

    100 claps for you man. Welcome to the club!
  2. Stretch AdventureKS

    Advertisers have returned

    Just like always, I report them. YT automatically picks them as spam. It's an ongoing circle of despair for them that never ends.
  3. Stretch AdventureKS

    What's Your Profession?

    Just student, first year.
  4. Stretch AdventureKS

    Why do we do Youtube?

    It all started over 3 years ago when I did videos for my friends and girlfriend. Long story short, I don't have my girlfriend nor my old friends anymore, but I did make a promise to complete a certain game/adventure one day for my girlfriend. Since then, I did games, which I usually call them...
  5. Stretch AdventureKS

    Do you write a script for your videos?

    Yeah, I do, more often than before, either a poll, an update, or sometimes special moments during a series. Can't say that it is a script, but I do also write down things that I wanna talk about during videos.
  6. Stretch AdventureKS

    gaining subscribers through what you want vs. what they want

    I do think you pointed out some good questions there that everyone should answer. Thank you Enmoshin.
  7. Stretch AdventureKS

    Spam on the Introduce yourself! page?

    Some things just never change it seems.
  8. Stretch AdventureKS

    Are Intro's really necessary with youtube now?

    It's not necessary, I mean I would recommend not use any common intros that a lot of people use with showing your name and a song. It really depends, there are a few exceptions, uniqueness plays a big part in it. It can be an intro to a specific series or game that shows the viewer moments of...
  9. Stretch AdventureKS

    "I subbed to you so check out my channel"

    I do get them rarely nowadays, a long time ago I did get quite a few. Last time something like this happened was actually on my poll for the next game, he said ''I like your content and subbed, can you check my channel too?''. It definitely shows since I know for sure he didn't even vote. I am...
  10. Stretch AdventureKS

    Who Inspired You to YouTube?

    My first inspiration when it comes to making videos is SSoHPKC, let's player that started doing playthroughs around 2008/2009. However, the thing that made me go all out and do videos since the beginning of 2014 was a bunch of friends and a girlfriend that I had before and made videos for them...
  11. Stretch AdventureKS

    What typed Gamer are you?

    Guess I am gonna go with nerd since it fits a lot more than the other ones. I like good stories with good characters and to feel adventurous. Guess there is also the Achievement hunter, sometimes I like doing games 100% and get achievements, not as much as before.
  12. Stretch AdventureKS

    Girlfriend is Abusing my playlists

    Ouh, that is pretty sweeet :3 I mean I don't see any problem with that, it is legit viewing, and it makes your girlfriend happy.
  13. Stretch AdventureKS

    Any Square Enix fans here?

    Would love me some Kingdom Hearts, that is for sure. Played it for the first time this year (2015) and it is one of my favorites.
  14. Stretch AdventureKS

    Games you are most looking forward to play?

    First would have to be Tales of Symphonia, second is Final Fantasy VII remake. I would say KH3 as well, but I have to play the other games first, and I only played the first one as of yet.
  15. Stretch AdventureKS

    Star Wars Battlefront

    Never played a Battlefront game, will never play this one, and I am sure the ones before had a lot more content, think we can all agree on that. Some say that this is the way games are done nowadays, however the thing that I would like to address is that YOU have the power to stop this. Heard...
  16. Stretch AdventureKS

    Tales Of tales of zestiria Sequel

    I was looking at the title of this thread and I was soo surprised ''gasp, a sequel, they announced one ? :o'' but it's a question. Well I don't know, I haven't completed it either, still playing it at his point, but I would definitely want one.
  17. Stretch AdventureKS

    World of Warcraft

    Sorry, only played WoW during middleschool and hardly remember xD I guess from that point on I realized that in order to play an MMO you really need time for it, no stopping for months otherwise you might miss stuff, so at that point I stopped (I think at level 60 with an elf paladin). Don't...
  18. Stretch AdventureKS

    Complaints What's happening? 2.0 / George / Freedom Family

    Can't deny what you are saying. I do feel this way for a while, the forums seem pretty empty, and I do miss Kan when he was here. When I saw him post, Freedom had more life somehow. I have been here for more than a year as well, and I only post once in a while cause there aren't really that many...
  19. Stretch AdventureKS

    How do I prevent monetization for a video?

    Well for me it seems that for a long time ago even if I unmonetize all my videos apparently Freedom automatically changes them back to being monetized with non-skippable ads which is terribly. However, it does not do that for me anymore for some reason. I guess it might be cause of the new yt...
  20. Stretch AdventureKS

    The Motivation

    I am actually on a mission, on a adventure to play specific games on my channel, and also experience new ones. The more I do, the more happy and complete I am, so it's not just viewers. Like what @Kratos Aurion said, if it weren't for my channel I don't think I would've played some of the games...