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  1. PinoyGamerChris

    New desk

    I used this table to put my 48 inch TV,Keyboard, Mouse and PS4.
  2. PinoyGamerChris

    5 Games that deserves to have a sequel!

    1. Chrono Cross 2. Rune Factory 3. Risen 4. Darksiders 5. KOTOR
  3. PinoyGamerChris

    Who is a full-time Youtuber?

    Do I need to be a sub to submit a video or a picture?
  4. PinoyGamerChris

    Kira's Birthday

    Belated Happy Birthday my friend.
  5. PinoyGamerChris

    Your Favorite Candybar?

    Snickers I guess? Butter Fingers and Milkway is good too.
  6. PinoyGamerChris

    4K Requirements

    2 GTX 980 ti? Are planning on using 2 55'inch TV? I know @Al Valentyn does 4k in his videos. For me 4k is over kill, I am contented with 1080p 60 fps.
  7. PinoyGamerChris

    Not playing during live stream?

    I had heard of those people too. I forgot this girl stream name, but she just stream someones stream and used a face cam. Then talk to her audience and I heard she earns a couple of thousand dollars for donations. You should see too a stream of people eating a lot of food and gets tons of donation.
  8. PinoyGamerChris

    Things on Youtube that irritate you

    In Game Music or sound effect. =/
  9. PinoyGamerChris

    Things on Youtube that irritate you

    Copy right claims after copyright claims.
  10. PinoyGamerChris

    Production videos vs Actual Personlity

    I agree on @AverageRageGamer about having personality, with little or no production quality at all. In my old channel, I used to do intros,outros,thumbnail, annotation and record in HQ video. But since I got 0 personally, I didn't get that far. So I just stop caring, stop doing commentary and...
  11. PinoyGamerChris

    Fun and Games Name your Top 5 Want to visit countries!

    1. Japan 2. Japan 3. Japan 4. Japan 5. Japan
  12. PinoyGamerChris

    Saddest video game you have ever played?

    The latest one would be the Walking Dead, when they killed Lee and seeing Kenny alive in Season 2.
  13. PinoyGamerChris

    Fanboying so hard on this trailer

    I just saw right now. =3
  14. PinoyGamerChris

    Fanboying so hard on this trailer

    I feel bad for the dog not having an armor or something.
  15. PinoyGamerChris

    G2A random keys

    Hope you got something good or a game that you down own yet.
  16. PinoyGamerChris

    Gaming Yo it's ya boy ArchiBolt.

    Welcome to Freedom! I hope you will like our awesome community!
  17. PinoyGamerChris

    Love getting mail from Google

    Is it documents about you purchasing a Google Domain for $12?
  18. PinoyGamerChris

    Want to make a visual novel?

    Not a big fan of Visual Novel. But thanks for sharing. =3
  19. PinoyGamerChris

    man it stinks not being able to make videos

    You can still game with your phone and laptop. =3
  20. PinoyGamerChris

    Free Copy of Tales of Symphonia on Steam!

    I will get it on console. =3 I like having physical copy!