collaboration for gaming channels

  1. DraycosDragon

    Gaming Twitch streamer looking to collab

    Hello there. I have a few games I've been playing a lot for my Twitch live streams. But I feel some of the games I have are more interesting with others. So I'm looking to collab with some people. You can be a YouTuber or a Twitch streamer. I don't mind either way. I just feel like streaming...

    Official Get COLLABORATING Now! (New Collaboration Project)

    Hey #FreedomFamily, It's time to unveil the new Collaboration Tool we have been working on! This has been around the forums but hasn't been publicly announced yet. What is it? Collaboration is one of the fastest ways to grow your channel! The Collaboration Tool allows you to find Collab...
  3. Caz


    What up Freedom! Fam? That being said, if you're looking to add this game to your channel's content, or just simply looking to play PUBG with other Freedom! partners, or even the staff, don't hesitate to let us know. Like what Mike said, we can setup a schedule, record our games, and we can...
  4. C

    PC Looking for some new people to collaborate/ play with on a regular basis!

    Hi community! You can call me Cali, I make YouTube videos of various games with other YouTubers I play with. Currently there are only 6 of us, but not all of us post to YouTube. One of my current friends that I made over YouTube and myself are the only ones who upload at the moment. We play just...
  5. PhobicYT

    PC Looking for at least 1 person to play Palains on PC

    My Youtube channel is called PhobicYT. I am looking to collab with other youtubers who make Paladin videos on pc/laptop/computer. Anyone will be fine well may around the age of 14. I want to make videos with other youtubers and have some fun while doing it. At least one person to play with is...
  6. The Atom

    Gaming Anyone want to collab?

    I am looking to grow with someone that would get my sense of humor. if you are 18+ feel free to check my channel and if you would like to collab sometime my discord is (TheAtom #3262) i have a ps4 and gaming pc so any of those would be fine for me :))
  7. Paranoia Origins 2

    PlayStation Looking to Play GTA 5, The Division, FFXIV, Tropico 5, Minecraft with YouTubers

    What does my collaboration consist of? I would like to make a collaboration The Division, Grand Theft Auto 5, Final Fantasy XIV, Tropico 5, Minecraft, etc (PS4 since its the only thing I have at the moment that lets me record, edit and upload videos). What are my requirements the...
  8. Y

    PlayStation anyone want to colab on COD and other games?

    hello freedom members!! i am 15 years old and i could be serious or somewhat funny i just wanted to say that maybe its time for me to do a colab on call of duty games since it is what my channel is mainly about and also other games that i have like watch dogs 2, or battlefield if you want to...
  9. League of Potatos

    PC League of Legends friends

    Hey guys! I am looking forward to collab with someone who is making League of Legends videos like i do. Mostly i am making montages and etc but we can try something fun. I am 17 years old, i almost understand everything in english just my grammar sucks :D What do you need to collab with me...
  10. AgniPyro

    Gaming Pokemon Go egg hatching Collab!

    Hey Guys, Anyone interested in collabing on Pokemon GO. Comment below if you are interested. It can be an egg hatching competition!
  11. Teddyuk

    PlayStation Collaborate on GTA & COD

    My name is teddyuk and I'm quite new to YouTube and have been going for roughly 4-5 months and I make various gameplay videos such as COD, GTA, and Battlefield 1 I'm a mature(ish) gamer in my 30's and if anyone is interested in making some videos in the near future then please let me know? My...
  12. D rJay

    PC Looking 3 People To Collab With On GMOD and Other Funny Games!

    Age: Looking for at least 18+ Channel main topic: Gaming Games: I play G-Mod, Rust, Hurtworld, H1Z1, DBD, and Other Random Games, so if you have any of those games then that's a plus. Also willing to play other games too! Amount of subscribers: I have 640 Subs so I guess a minimum of 50 would...
  13. Monkeyboygamer

    Gaming New collaboration MonkeyboyGamer and Zane the Gaming cat

    Hope you all enjoy the video I would really appreciate a comment and let us know how were doing as well as means to improve. If you have any suggestions we would love to hear it. Thank you for reading and watching. MonkeyboyGamer salutes you!
  14. Behind2Beards

    Gaming LF good channel to collab with! 600+ subs - read description

    hey bros, Behind2Beards are looking for a collab partner! We have around 650 subs so want to collab with around the same amount so we both get a nice benefit! We're happy to collaborate any of the following games Gears of War 4 World of Warcraft Hearthstone Overwatch Heroes of the Storm Any...