1. Y

    Tips & Tricks Winter Food for skin and hair?

    The most dependable foods that can help you take care of your hair and skin at the same time. GRAPEFRUIT: Also known as ‘chakotara’ in Hindi, is loaded with nutrients. It is high in fiber, low in calories CUCUMBER: A staple in salads, Cucumbers are known for their high water content, rich in...
  2. kaykay's Hair

    Beauty kaykays hair

    Hi my name is keanan, My channel will be based on natural hair and i love positive feedback for my channnel
  3. M

    Beauty Natural Beauty Channel - Curls 'N Nails

    Hello everyone! My name is Marlinda or commonly called "Mokey". I am a weight loss and natural beauty consultant who specializes in women over 30, however, I am always open to working with anyone if I can be of some help. This is also what my channel focuses on. I started my channel in 2013...
  4. Chronamut

    VLOG The Chronicles of Chronia

    Hey guys, chronamut here, just wanna share with you my vlog - I talk about spiritual stuff, haircare stuff, do book readings, and other fun stuff - I will post a playlist of it all here for now - enjoy! :)
  5. Chronamut

    Music Hey Guys, Chronamut Here!

    Hey Guys! My names Shawn, I am a bit of a jack of all trades. I am a musician, an artist, a producer, a writer, an animator, and a spiritual leader. My pages try to encompass all of this. you can view more of my work at and view all my other links in the about section, and...