1. pruthvimangiri

    Entertainment kalpanik theory official youtube channel

    Welcome all to the newest channel from kalpanik theory , this Channel is my band and official page of kalpanik theory channel, videos and help us grow. This channel is going to be my video channel, All my bands live videos are put and official music video and audio Series well will be on this...
  2. B

    Gaming Minecraft: I AM GARBAGE | Micro Battles

  3. Alex Florent

    Audio Rock background music 2017-06-10

    Hi! This is a song I made. It's slightly rock. Good to use as a background music or anything you want to ! Please mention that it's made by guitaromaniac
  4. Freedom! Nero

    GFX Misc That One Channel Banner 1.0

    Hello there Freedom! family. Are you looking for GFX that suits your energetic vibe? Well, look no further this banner screams energy and spontaneity. The banner sends a message that you are on the go and you are ready to create content anytime, anywhere. You can completely customize your...
  5. MWproductions1000

    Music Shadowsense feat. Anima - Bloody Tears (Castlevania Cover)

    Shout out to my friend Rob (Anima) for doing the guitar work for this! It was a fun project to put together!
  6. Swandezvous

    Music I'm Swandezvous, and I'm impressed!

    Hey all! Boy, I'm really happy to have come across this forum. I'm already enjoying everything about it. It's a great layout, good incentive with the credit system, and just a great attitude I'm seeing across the board from users. I'm an indie musician from the Pacific Northwest, who's been...
  7. Juanchop

    Music Hi from CHILE!

    Hi to all!, To start, im a young guitar player from Chile, and how you can figure, my mother language its the spanish. It has not been an impediment to meet people from around the world and participate in forums and topics in English. Well, I started in youtube in a couple of years ago, making...
  8. Ashley SilverDust

    Audio Parasail 2016-07-27

    Source: YouTube Audio Library Title: Parasail Artist: Silent Partner Genre: Rock Mood: Bright License: You're free to use this song and monetize your video.
  9. Ashley SilverDust

    Audio Sugar Zone 2016-07-27

    Source: YouTube Audio Library Title: Sugar Zone Artist: Silent Partner Genre: Rock Mood: Happy License: You're free to use this song and monetize your video.
  10. Marlene Sosebee

    Music Rock music by Marlene Sosebee

    New here. Thanks, all my music is original and I perform all the track with an anti-geoengineering theme.
  11. Mario Enrique Music

    Qué youtubers de Musica que hagan covers les gusta escuchar?

    Yo soy fans de LEROY SANCHEZ, en mi opinion considero que es uno de los mejores
  12. Johnny Prod

    Music Hey ! All kinds of music + spectrum + games + animes? This is my Johnny Prod. Channel

    Hey yoow! I'm new in this community and don't know exactly how the things going are on here! (plus and don't speak english very well, I'm brazillian haha) Glad to be a part of this community and to explore all the you guys are doing in your masterpiece channels (y) (Y), and to introduce my...
  13. MafiaMonkey

    Gaming Music - What do you listen to?

    Hey Guys! I was curious on what music you listen to when you play video games! I know many people who listen to Dubstep, Rock, Metal and more when playing. Personally I love listening to Rock/Heavy Rock when I play games because it is my concentration music. Thanks for reading! ~MafiaMonkey...