1. Koala_Steamed

    GFX Thumbnails Best Thumbnail 1.3

    This is the best thumbnail you will ever see ...This is a test
  2. Alvaro-Mati Viilver

    Test play for free ESO (The Elder Scrolls Online)

    Hey everyone! The Elder Scrolls Online is free playable and testable until March 27 for all consoles and PC aswell Link https://www.elderscrollsonline.com/en-gb/news/post/26335 And here are the small info what´s is there important: Explore Tamriel and experience an adventure like no other...
  3. Deathlake

    Film/Animation 3D Clothing dance animation test fail!

    please do comment below your fave or most embarrassing dance move! one of many animation tests, was mainly focusing on the Ncloth maya clothing simulation then the rig in this. this is for my thesis animation, in the process of trying to figure how how to do the clothing animation D :
  4. Deathlake

    Film/Animation The dress just wont stay on!

    This was one of the Ncloth tests to see how the dress flowed with the body. Many tests to come for 3D animation in summer. D : XD please do comment below or in the actual video what type of fashion or clothes you hate!
  5. Deathlake

    Film/Animation Your fav fruit?

    please do comment below or in the video your fav fruit! ^^ created a watermelon coral 3D model in Maya then textured in Mudbox ^^ Like a speed drawing but a speed modeling, "speedpaint" for texturing, mini rig test at the end. This was created for the "Garlic fish" animation, link to that in...
  6. MWproductions1000


    Today I'm doing something a little different: I see where I stand on the political compass...of memes!
  7. Jordan Savage

    Beta testers wanted for new game!

    Want to beta test Volanti Globus? Go to http://savageapplications.com/volanti_globus_beta_testing to sign up! If you sign up, you will have early access to the game!
  8. TestingYourNeurons

    VR Looking to collab with anyone!

    So I make quizzes on pretty much any subject on my channel and I'd like to collab with anyone :)
  9. TestingYourNeurons

    Subscriber Milestone I now have 50 subscribers! :)

    I started a couple of months ago making quizzes on a large variety of subjects and my videos have getten many more views in the last weeks which has helped me reach 50 subscribers :)
  10. LollipopSWAG21

    Best/Worst cheating methods.

    Hello guys! Who has some good or bad methods for cheating during tests? Plz explain!
  11. Fluke

    How To How to pass your theory test first time

    In this Overwatch game play commentary i talk about some tips you can use to help you pass your theory test first time.
  12. retmans

    so, april fools. what's your best prank?

    this is my best prank: so i had a english test 2 years ago (it was a small one thankfully) i was making that test and came up with an idea and i ask my teacher for an extra paper sheet my teacher gave it to me, so i had: an test which was almost done. and a empty paper so, i copy every anser...
  13. Bruno Muniz

    Entertainment Is Microsoft Edge any better than Internet Explorer? (TEST)

    After a complete year, the PC decided to do the test he promised, which will tell us how Edge and I.E. are, in comparison to the other popular browsers. If you liked the video, click the like button, and if you wanna keep up with me, click the Subscribe one ;)
  14. GreenMohawk

    Film/Animation Minecraft test animation (my first MC animation)

    I hope you enjoy. I had never tried to make an animation before (other than a couple intros). Personally my favorite part is the plants swaying. What is your favorite and least favorite part?