1. Thelazysideoflife

    VLOG Boyfriend watches me doing my makeup | Affordable and easy everyday look

    This is just the way I do, the way that proves to be he easiest for me even though I'm perfectly aware that I don't follow the "normal" rules of it
  2. Thelazysideoflife

    VLOG We nee your help

    What do you think we should do?
  3. Thelazysideoflife

    VLOG How we spent the last day of 2018 | Sushi and Fireworks

  4. tovah

    YouTube Can your life Be too Boring To do Vlog's

    This Question has Been irking For a Long time can Your life Be too Boring To Do vlogs idk But for me it Can. But idk About Anyone Else If u Actually Have done A vlog Becuase this. Same answer Is Kinda Why I don't Really Do Vlogs But We Are not. Here to Talk about that now at the End of the Day...
  5. Thelazysideoflife

    VLOG Doggo won't let me study!

    Well, at least he didn't eat my homework
  6. Thelazysideoflife

    Subscriber Milestone Three digits!

    So, we finally hit those first 100 subscribers! I know that are a lot of people who supported us here and we appreciate it immensely!
  7. Thelazysideoflife

    VLOG alterações Is this the next level of the what the fluff challenge? | What do you think?

    What do you think? Do you think this is the next step of what the fluff challenge?
  8. Thelazysideoflife

    VLOG Cake VS. Rain

    We were literally saved by our stomachs, but I think the choice was easy
  9. Thelazysideoflife

    Subscriber Milestone 90 subs!

    So we reached the 90 subs "milestone" and I think we can consider that the count down for the first 100 subscribers has begun!
  10. KnightHunter Studios

    Entertainment GTA BLACK PHANTOM (VLOG 10) - 1 MONTH Until Release + CLIP ANNOUNCEMENT | GTA V HD |

    The tenth official vlog for Grand Theft Auto Black Phantom. With just ONE MONTH to go until Grand Theft Auto Black Phantom is released, the promotional period is now racking up! In today's Vlog, we discuss our decision behind the official theme song chosen for Black Phantom, whilst giving an...
  11. Thelazysideoflife

    VLOG How we catch good opportunities

    The weather was so nice that we were not even mad. We just enjoyed it the best we could
  12. Thelazysideoflife

    VLOG There are some small struggles that happen for a reason

  13. Won

    Service TOP NOTCH VIDEO EDITOR (First Video Half Off)

    Yo what's going on Freedom Family, I realized recently that I really love editing videos and want to start turning it into a job instead of just a hobby, and I have the skill to be a professional editor! I can edit all kids of videos from Vlogs to gameplays to random videos. Comment your...
  14. Thelazysideoflife

    VLOG Vicious attack by doggo!

    This is what happened when we didn't give him the toy and let's just say he didn't find it funny at all (unlike us)
  15. Thelazysideoflife

    VLOG What's going on with him?

    It was weird to hear the explanation but then we figured that we have to laugh of the things that aren't that serious
  16. KnightHunter Studios

    Entertainment GTA Black Phantom (Vlog 9) 2 MONTHS Until Release + NEW Xmas Trailer Info!

    The ninth official vlog for Grand Theft Auto Black Phantom. It's officially TWO MONTHS until Grand Theft Auto Black Phantom is released worldwide! In today's Vlog, we give an explanation as to why we have been inactive for the past month, and set out our plans for the promotional period from...
  17. Thelazysideoflife

    VLOG We finally mastered this technique!

    Those omelettes didn't beat us
  18. Thelazysideoflife

    VLOG Responsibilities are kicking in again

    The price for adulting
  19. Thelazysideoflife

    VLOG He teaches me on how to make an omelette

  20. iGoDZoFLuiGii

    Tips on Vlogs

    So I just recently got a Go Pro Hero 5, I use it as a second angle for my unboxing videos, but I want to start doing Vlogs, not daily vlogs because I wont have the time to do that sort of thing but I want to do Exploring videos during the day and sometimes nights. Just wanted to get any tips to...