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    Tips & Tricks Skincare & Hair Tips To Follow Before Your Wedding!

    Skincare & Hair Tips To Follow Before Your Wedding! At a wedding, the focus is not only on the bride but on the groom as well. The bride is always a step forward when it comes to taking care of herself. Whereas grooms, become lazy in following a routine We agree that taking care of your skin in...
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    Tips & Tricks Miracle Foods for that much-needed Bridal Glow

    Miracle Foods for that much-needed Bridal Glow After all the jamming sessions of sangeet night and hangover parties, bachelorette fun, we understand the battle to look fresh after spending hours of no sleep. No matter how exhausted are you, the shine should not be compromised! Save these wedding...
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    Tips & Tricks How to manage alcohol consumption at a wedding?

    You’ve been preparing for months- or potentially even years- and of course, you want to memorize all the parts of your wedding day. A faint remembrance, tequila-induced memory loss, and awkward photos are perhaps not ideal wedding mementos, much less spending the first day of your married life...
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    Tips & Tricks Quick tips & foods to manage marriage stress/ stressbusters

    Quick tips & foods to manage marriage stress/ stressbusters: Planning a marriage is stressful, there are no two methods for it, but there are manners to reduce the stress. We spoke to the experts- at Nth Sense about their top tips for managing wedding planning pressure. People usually say that...
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    Tips & Tricks Foods to manage menstrual cycle at wedding

    Foods to manage menstrual cycle at wedding Period on your wedding day is enough to fill you with dread. Don’t panic. While having your period on a wedding day is clearly not ideal, you don’t have to let it destroy your big day. The expert Nutritionist at Nth Sense Healthcare guided foods to...
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    Tips & Tricks Acne / Pimple solution for wedding

    There's never a right time to see a big, red zit popping up on your face—mainly right before your wedding. A main breakout a few days before the great day can seem like a total disaster. But, since pressure can cause acne breakouts and wedding planning can be stressful, it isn't too unusual. No...
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    Tips & Tricks Want to look the best on your D-Day? Looking for Wedding fitness tips?

    Getting Married? Want to look the best on your D-Day? Here is a perfect video for you to watch Yet another health talk between Nutritionist & Co-Founder at Nth Sense Know What To Eat On Those 3-4 big Days of Your Wedding, Stay healthy to enjoy yourself to the fullest. Topics covered in the...
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    Tips & Tricks Bridal Diet Plan for Glowing Skin and Good Health

    Ladies, stick rigidly to this pre-wedding diet and follow the bridal beauty tips provided by Nth Sense for glowing skin, and don’t make compromises on your food choices if you pine for the greatest glow on your skin on your big day. Start your day with a glass of lukewarm water mixed with...
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    Fitness Pre-wedding diet plan

    The earlier you start the pre-wedding diet, the better. Here is a sample of the pre-wedding Indian diet plan with a variety of options. The servings need to be carefully prepared as per the individual. At Nth Sense, They have trained nutritionists who can chalk out the pre-wedding diet plan...
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    Fitness Crash- diet for Wedding? A big NO!

    Many brides-to-be go on a crash diet for fast outcomes to fit perfectly in their wedding costumes. A pre-wedding diet is not a crash diet. This is not healthy, and you are prone to regain the lost weight in no time. Also, the motivation behind this should be to maintain a healthy lifestyle as...
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    Life Whats your dream wedding?

    Please do comment below or on the video what is your dream wedding or what you think the most important element of it is to you! ^^ Wedding Fayre or is it wedding fair. Colwick hall hotel mini walkabouts, an owl, wedding cake and view of wedding dresses, free goodie bay unboxing ^^
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    Other Milestone Graduated from high school!

    On Friday, May 20th 2016 I graduated from Saint Albans High School. My fiancee was there with me every step of the way. I could not have asked for any better then to be with her. She has been through lots of accomplishes of mine and mine through hers. But, this accomplishment is by far one of...
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    Hi guys I am from My Daily Video channel, I hope we can grow together, in my channel you'll find various video and hope it will entertain you, but I am sorry if you find uncomfortable video in my channel, actually I am confuse what category I have to choose because of my video content so I...