Beyond the new player tutorial for Mortal Online


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May 18, 2017

This is one of the many tutorial videos I've made for Mortal Online, a hardcore sandbox MMORPG made by a small indie company called Star Vault AB back in June 2010.

The game is exceptionally brutal, unforgiving and harsh, and has a steep learning curve which forces new players to adapt and improvise quickly if they want to survive in the game world called Nave.

The video I'm showing aims to provide new players with just a sample of the many possibilities and paths they can choose to take once they complete the very short new player tutorial when they first start out in the game.

My main reason for making this video is because I've seen many videos by other YouTubers who make reviews and first impressions videos of Mortal Online, however, they often do not complete the new player tutorial or do not explore outside of the capital city of Tindrem where they start out.

Hope you enjoy!
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