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Newsletter February Newsletter

Tema en 'News & Announcements' comenzado por Koala_Steamed, 21 de Marzo de 2019.

  1. Koala_Steamed

    Koala_Steamed Mythic User Retired Administrator Retired Moderator

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    1 de Junio de 2014
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    Hey there Freedom! Family!

    It’s been a long time but we will be kicking off on another article of the newsletter. It has been a long time since we had this article so let’s start it off again with the updates from the network.

    This month we have a plethora of videos that gives you the updates on all Freedom and YouTube related topics. Let’s talk about it from old content to the most recent one.

    Last February 3, 2019, George has paid our partners a collective amount of $2.9 million. That’s not the only content available in the video. We have updated you the channels that we helped to get their channels back to the YouTube Partnership Program. Here’s the video!

    On Feb 7, 2019 on Freedom! News, Nold talks about a Fortnite Streamer making history. The Streamer who allegedly broke the record to be the most viewed Live gameplay of Fortnite is PewDiePie. In desperation to hold on to his throne as the most subscribed content creator on YouTube. Not only that, Nold has mentioned several news articles that you may be interested in.

    Check out the video here:

    We have upgraded on our Music Factory department. This investment can really help us out on creating awesome music for you guys. The product that we have bought it the Apollo Quad! Check out the video and of course visit our Music Factory!

    Do you wanna know how to get paid 60 days before everyone else? For sure you do, we can offer that service to you by just ticking that Advanced payment option. In this video we will let you know how you can avail this feature. See you there Freedom!


    Conspiracy theories has been spiraling on YouTube ever since time immemorial. That’s all going to change, YouTube has been cracking on Conspiracy videos about the earth is flat and that vaccinations are not good for your kids. YouTube has seen this as harmful content as it spreads false information to the people watching the videos. Check out the video now.

    You wanna know the difference between a Managed CMS vs an Affiliate CMS? Well, a managed CMS channel has given the MCN the right to the Channel’s content, assumes fill liability for the content on YouTube and manages the channel on a day to day basis. The difference with an Affiliate CMS is that it is only related to the MCN but it does not give them the right to completely manage your channel.

    We have been reinforcing YouTube’s policies ever since we have started the network and it has been evident in the last years that YouTube has been creating more rules that we need to abide by. In order for us to do that we must know what these guidelines are and what other strikes we can receive from YouTube. Check that out on this episode of the George show:

    LWe all know that George has been living in Dubai since the last months. We believe that George will be living there in the long run. Help him out pick a house in Dubai! In this video he will spotlight a house that he thinks is good for his family! Help him decide by commenting down below on the video.

    You wanna know how to build your own brand on YouTube? Nold has made a video that can help you out with that. In this video he will be talking about 7 tips on how you Market your YouTube channel. These are helpful tips if you wanna grow your channel. Don’t forget to watch this video!

    Remember that on the previous episode we have said that we have advanced payments? Well, we do deliver on our promise check out George’s video ash he talks about it.

    Do you wanna be part of our network? Well, we are hiring recruiters for our network. You can check the full details on this position via watching this video. It would be awesome if you can get picked by our very own Papa George!

    Lastly, has your channel been demonetized for comments? If you had, check out why your channel can be suspended for bad comments. Check out George’s videos about this.

    That’s the updated we have for you Freedom! Family. Now that you are all caught up. We are looking forward in seeing you in the next article of the newsletter! Have a good day friends!

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    @Freedom! Nero
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  2. sanny laudes

    sanny laudes Full Member

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    16 de Febrero de 2019
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    wow..inspiring videos..more videos![DOUBLEPOST=1554538772][/DOUBLEPOST]hi every one
    Última modificación: 6 de Abril de 2019
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  3. Belmirs familly

    Belmirs familly Full Member

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    24 de Enero de 2020
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    I with you
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  4. Prajwal Bordoloi

    Prajwal Bordoloi New User

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    20 de Abril de 2020
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    I want subscriber i have very low time to earn only 5 month are left to do 4000 watch time an 1000 subscriber i have only 344 subscriber can any one help me please
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