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Jul 30, 2014
The tenth official vlog for Grand Theft Auto Black Phantom.

With just ONE MONTH to go until Grand Theft Auto Black Phantom is released, the promotional period is now racking up!

In today's Vlog, we discuss our decision behind the official theme song chosen for Black Phantom, whilst giving an insight into the decision-making process behind it. In addition, we also announce how post-production is now complete, and also announce the release date for the first official CLIP of Black Phantom!

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Grand Theft Auto Black Phantom will be released internationally on the 24th of December, 2018.

"Niko Bellic and the team must go above the law in order to dismantle 'Black Phantom'; a sinister terror network built upon the ruins of the disavowed agencies the U.S.A once trusted. With an influential political figure at the helm of a security referendum and the FIB being put under intense scrutiny, Agent 11 must do all that it takes to prevent the enemy from establishing a new world order."

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