Tips & Tricks How to manage alcohol consumption at a wedding?


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Jan 27, 2023
You’ve been preparing for months- or potentially even years- and of course, you want to memorize all the parts of your wedding day. A faint remembrance, tequila-induced memory loss, and awkward photos are perhaps not ideal wedding mementos, much less spending the first day of your married life serving a hangover.
The easiest way to stay sober is to avoid alcohol entirely. While drinking is often seen as an essential part of many festivals, you don’t have to drink to have a good time and you don’t want to miss your own marriage because you’ve overindulged.

Weddings are emotional enough on their own without adding the fuel of alcohol. Whether you’re a teetotaller for the night or you’ve mastered self-control, all your friends and family are at this one event and you’ll want to remember every special moment.
In short, follow tips and tricks provided by Nth Sense if you are finding it difficult to avoid alcohol to stop ruining your wedding.