XBox Looking for CREW MEMBERS for upcoming GTA V Machinima [XBOX ONE / Click for ROLE details]

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Jul 30, 2014
Are you interested in working in a big production Machinima? Do you want to be part of a Machinima franchise that has been going on for nearly 10 years? Well now is your chance! Us at KnightHunter Studios are now opening submissions for people to come on board and help us work on our next (and hopefully the ones after) film in the 'Grand Theft Auto' franchise!

We are specifically looking for a number of roles to be fulfilled within the crew. We are looking for:

- STUNT DIRECTOR: This person has to be into the stunt work of the action movie! Everything from fight scenes, car chases to plane stunts, we are working on it all! This person also has to have the ability to work effectively on the spot, have good communication skills with the director and the rest of the team and to also have a creative-eye. In addition to this, this person will also need to be relatively to highly skilled at 'Grand Theft Auto V'.

- STUNT ACTOR(S): This person, along with the STUNT DIRECTOR, has to be highly skilled at 'Grand Theft Auto V'. They have to be confident with the stunts that have been planned and they have to always be open to a challenge. Communication skills, along with team working abilities, will also be needed.

- CHARACTER ACTOR(S): This role is a VITAL role in the crew. This person will be playing with their GTA Online characters alongside the already established actors for the duration of the movie. They will be the people shown on screen (characters, at least). This person needs to have good communication and team working skills as well.

- EDITOR(S) : Do you want to be behind the scenes working on putting the Machinima together? Well this role is for you! We are looking for people with experience at editing, along with the experience of using editing software(s) such as 'iMovie' and 'Sony Vegas'. This person has to have good communication skills, good team working abilities and a creative-eye as well.

- CO-PRODUCER(S): This role is one that will work alongside the current producer and director. They have to be able to communicate clearly to the crew and the cast, as well as have good organizing skills and team working abilities.

If you are interested in any of the roles stated above, or have any questions, feel free to contact us through this post, private message on Freedom Forums or Twitter (private messaging means a faster response time usually) or through our YouTube channel below.
For those interested in the franchise itself, also check out the link below.


- Xbox ONE with Xbox Live Membership
- Working headset with microphone
- Copy of Grand Theft Auto V with Grand Theft Auto Online
- Ability to fill in a submission forum with full cooperation if interested
- Interest in machinima-making
- No issue with signing confidentiality forums


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Franchise Playlist:

Thank you. There is no close submission date yet.

- KnightHunter Studios