Elizabeth Bathory - "The Blood Countess" - Beyond The Dark #8


Oct 17, 2020 at 8:22 AM
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Kingdom of Hungary - 1599

Deep in the Hungarian country side, surrounded by lavish hills of a vast sea of green, is a formidable structure known as Čachtice Castle, The countess of the beautiful landscape is responsible for the welfare of her estate and she is providing for the peasants of the 17 surrounding villages, It's situated on the border of Royal Hungary and Ottoman occupied Hungary, and due to the tensions between these two factions the villages that fall in the way of Vienna are in extreme danger of plundering and pilferage. But despite these black times the peasants lives are rather simple from the farmers taking care of the livestock and the vast acres of crops, to the blacksmiths spending their long days in the immense heat of the forge, The Count one Ferenc Nadasdy is currently away and has helped conquer castle's Esztergom and Visegrád, along with many others. It was from The Wallachian Ruler Vlad the III, that he adopted his most brutal exploits, by displaying his enemies in such a savage way he has sent shockwaves of fear across the Ottoman empire, Because of this Ferenc's allies have named him "The Black Knight Of Hungary".

The Countess has shown kindness and generosity to those effected, given them shelter in the vast estate, She has proved time and again that she is an efficient manager and a caring woman. the peasants fully believe she has there best interest at heart. Her name? is one Elizabeth Bathory.

But her name isn't know for kindness and generosity, and by this point the rumours about the infamous Cachtice Castle were already starting to circulate, as unnameable horrors were taking place behind the thick stone walls, but was any of it true?, In order to understand what lead Elizabeth Bathory to become so infamous we must go back to the birth of the so called blood countess.


Hush by Kevin MacLeod
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Long Note Two by Kevin MacLeod
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Hiding Your Reality by Kevin MacLeod
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Bent and Broken by Kevin MacLeod
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Thunder Dreams by Kevin MacLeod
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Heart of Nowhere by Kevin MacLeod
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