Making an Arcade Cabinet #1: The Controls

I cant wait to see the rest of his videos very cool. Just what he show right here is very informal


Jul 12, 2019 at 7:37 PM
Posted by Jonathan
This is my first video in a while now. Would appreciate any feedback for this series as its a side project that I going to do while making my FMP in third year, partially as evidence partially for the project taking place.

Full YouTube Description:
The first episode in my new series where I making an arcade cabinet for my university final major project in third year.

This episode I work on getting the controls setup and test them in Unity to make sure they register and work. This will prove if the project is feasible in my books as if the controls work then there is no reason the project can't work practically. This assumes I can make a good cabinet which is the next major hurdle...

The overall plan for the arcade machine is to have a custom made bar top style cabinet, with it own unique paint job based on some of the games I've already made. Then making games for the cabinet during my final major project unit in second semester of my final year at Solent uni. These games would be built for 2 players for the most part, such as variations on some classics like pong as well as some totally new games for the platform, though they will mostly be short and sweat due to the time constrains I have when making them.

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I'm Jonathan, a student at Solent University studying a BSc Computer Games (Indie). I'm quite introverted with a case of social anxiety, though I try to look at the bright side of life. I like films, games, running & helping people.

If you are interesting in my work as a games developer, you can see it here:

Making An Arcade Cabinet Playlist

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