The Alnwick Vampire Part One - Forgotten Fables #2

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Jan 10, 2021 at 9:16 AM
Posted by MrBlank
Alnwick Castle Vampire account recorded by WILLIAM OF NEWBURGH in his history of England. The story was told to him by “a very devout old priest of high authority and most honourable reputation.” According to the priest, a depraved and dishonest Yorkshire man had lived a life of sin and crime. He escaped the law and went to Alnwick Castle, whose lord he knew. He settled there and continued his wicked ways. He married, but rumours circulated that his wife was unfaithful. To discover the truth, he told his wife that he was going away for several days. The first night, he hid himself on the roof above his bed in order catch his wife in the act of adultery. His wife was indeed cheating on him with a local youth. In shock, the man fell to the ground beside the bed. The youth escaped. The man rebuked his wife and threatened to punish her. But his injuries were so severe that he fell gravely ill. The priest visited the man and urged him to make his confession, but the man delayed doing so and then died impenitent. Nonetheless, he was given a Christian burial. It was to no avail.

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