1. DraycosDragon

    Gaming Twitch streamer looking to collab

    Hello there. I have a few games I've been playing a lot for my Twitch live streams. But I feel some of the games I have are more interesting with others. So I'm looking to collab with some people. You can be a YouTuber or a Twitch streamer. I don't mind either way. I just feel like streaming...
  2. DraycosDragon

    Podcast improv-style debation live Twitch podcast needing collab partners

    I'm currently planning to do a Twitch live stream podcast where people debate on various random topics chosen by the live stream chat (or by a digital wheel if there's no one in the stream chat at the time). Topics can be pretty much anything (nothing political though since the internet tends to...
  3. DraycosDragon

    Gaming Twitch live streamer looking for partners

    Hey there! I'm a Twitch streamer currently doing tabletop style games on Roll20 every 2nd Sunday and general gaming on every other Sunday. If anyone wants to join me for any of the following games, please DM me if you are available to join me for any of the games (PC games only)... GAMES I PLAY...
  4. Arcaviouse

    PC Minecraft Vanilla Story Based Server | 38k subs YTer|

    Hello, my name is Arcaviouse, and I am starting a fun Story driven, vanilla server and I am looking for some people to get on board with the project. There will be two sides you can choose from, Light, or Darkness. The names of our gods have yet to be revealed, but with alot of devotion, they...
  5. Ben Vowles

    VR Collab potential

    Hi, my YouTube channel is an outlet for Espresso and latte art videos but more recently magic trick/playing card deck reviews. I'm open for collaborations if anybody thinks it doable
  6. DraycosDragon

    PC Multiple PC Games (collabs accepted)

    I've recently downloaded over 7 games and I've had a few prior to getting them. I would like to do collab video with other people on the games. If you have Steam and at least 1 of the following games and you are 16 years of age or older and if you have either a Twitch or YouTube, then please let...
  7. A


    Hi my name is shayne or akaNightWolf and im looking to have a long term collab and grow with other people. Im looking to collab on nba2k17 for xbox one. My gamertag is - Budahh VI. Msg me or respond to this thread to collab
  8. Uzmer

    PC Looking for collaborator(s)

    Hi, Im Uzmer and im looking for english speaking people. which are willing to collaborate and play game together and record. Must: -+18 ( can make exceptions if 17) -cooperative attitude - Good/decent Mic -Live in Europe ( for the internet ping etc.) -And most importantly Be who you are...
  9. G

    Gaming Collab on clash royale or roblox

    I am looking for people to collab with on clash royale or roblox... twitter - @GoldenJohnGamer I have 25 subscribers on youtube im a new youtuber!
  10. Mark Williams

    PC PC Collab Group

    Hello everyone! I'm currently trying to get back in YouTube as I've been busy for a little and need to make some more content. I have a lot of games that I can Collab with people such as Rust, Gmod, Gta5, Minecraft and there are some other big titles I have in my steam account. If you're...
  11. Marchman_97

    Gaming Have a Youtube??

    Have a youtube channel with gaming content? Let's talk and be able to share our different channels with everyone! My name is Marchman_97 and I am 19 years old working on finding as much friends through my channel and freedom. If you want to share please do :)
  12. JaredOnLife

    VR Playlist 4 Playlist Collab

    Hey guys I'm a relatively new channel with 40+ subs. I make funny "explainer" animations on relevant and trending topics. If you'd like to get your playlist featured on the footer of my channel, feature this playlist: and...
  13. SadClown654

    PC Looking for collab gamer

    Hey guys, I have been a solo youtuber for a while now, I have some content with me and a friend playing together but not much of it and he isn't someone who is commentator minded. I am looking for someone who is up for gaming on steam or minecraft (as long as its a public server as I don't have...
  14. DoobiHD

    Music Music Collab - RAP / SINGING

    Information Alright freedom, I need someone that could rap some lyrics for a song/songs that i have written pretty good i have to say. What do i do more you may be asking? i do what dj khaled do. I produce and lease. I do the cover art of the song and choose whoever raps and sings on the beat...
  15. lewbogaming

    PC CSGO funny moments collab

    hi i am a scottish youtuber aged 18 who would like to collab with someone when making csgo funny moments vids (preferably uk only)
  16. B

    Entertainment My Life, now including YouTube!

    Wassup guys! I am Bradley Whittaker (Bradley16) I have recently created my youtube channel so I'm new to it all and yes, as of now, my content isn't great.. at all.. but what makes me different to SO MANY YouTubers out there is that EVERY SINGLE DAY i am researching ways to improve! I watch...
  17. DraycosDragon

    PC COLLAB WANTED: Minecraft And Other Games

    I'm wanting to collab with someone with alot of games (both Minecraft minigames and non-Minecraft games) but all of my collab friends that I used to collab with either are too busy to do YouTube/Twitch stuff or they are practically impossible to get in contact with. And the ones I CAN contact...
  18. Crimson

    Gaming Hatty Is EVIL | BattleBlock Theater PArt 1

    Hey guys, I really think im ready to move up the ranks on youtube, i mean, get a bigger audience,, can yall leave me some feedback on this video
  19. Fuzion Tricky

    Gaming Looking for someone to collab with

    I mainly play fifa, go check my channel out. im looking for someone that would be interested in helping each others channels grow and get better
  20. Admiral_T2A

    Gaming Looking for people for a Garry's Mod Collab

    Hello everyone I am looking for people to make a collab with. I am looking for Gmod players to make a scary map video if anyone would like to join me just leave a comment. (I can only pick 4 people)