1. Carl D

    What kind of tutorials do y'all use to make thumbnails?

    What kind of tutorials y'all use to make thumbnails stand out? I've been trying new methods but I wanted to ask what the community use and do.
  2. JunkdudeHD

    GFX Thumbnails Borderlands 3 Thumbnail Template (Limited Quantity) 2019-10-06

    Borderlands 3 Thumbnail Template with following: 2 Sets of characters Color changer Free
  3. Drawyah

    GFX Request Looking for a new thumbnail template

    Hey guys, I'm looking to re-do my channel thumbnails to something a lot more appealing than my current set. There are three large channels that do similar content to mine with designs that I'd certainly like to try and replicate. These are: Colonel Failure Matt Davies Squirrel If there is...
  4. Ch3rry

    Service Free Video Editing and Thumbnails

    I will edit a video up to 30 minutes long from footage up to 60 minutes long. If you would like to get a longer video please find me on: I can also make a thumbnail for your video if you want. Examples:
  5. Koala_Steamed

    GFX Thumbnails Best Thumbnail 1.3

    This is the best thumbnail you will ever see ...This is a test
  6. GulfBulk

    Service Request Free. I Need A Video Editor. And A Thumbnail Maker.

    right now i am too busy to make thumbnails or edit my own videos. but i do have time to record my videos. but sadly i have no money to actually pay someone for making a thumbnail or editing my videos. so this job is completely voluntary! the least i could do is i could give you a shout out in...
  7. Some Bad Gamer

    GFX Thumbnails Overwatch Healers Thumbnail Template 2018-06-05

    Hello Freedom! family. so I have gotten into photoshop recently and I have created my first thumbnail. I think it is pretty good and wanted to share it with anyone who wants to use it. The PSD file has all the Overwatch healers and an editable title. If you use it please give me credit in the...

    GFX Request Thumbnail ASAP

    I need a thumbnail for a Fortnite video. It's me playing with a drunk guy! :D plz help.
  9. Usgamers

    Service Professional Graphic designer

    Who i'm I? Hey there my name is Usama Mohammed and throughout my life I always had a appreciation for people who create content, and when I was 11 I started to make content of my own, I've had multiple YouTube channels and with each year I believe I have gotten a lot closer to mastering my...
  10. TreatStudios

    GFX Thumbnails Fortnite Flame Thumbnail Template 2018-03-31

  11. K Army Gaming

    Our one popular video that gave growth is being copied XD

    I would like some opinions from everyone on this.....What is your take on people copying exactly what you do. In my opinion taking inspiration from others is a way to start and getting ideas but trying to copy exactly what it is. Bad way to start. And they stole the thumbnail which makes it...
  12. avrona

    Service Avrona's All-Round Minecraft Animation/Renders Shop

    Hey everyone, If you are looking for some great assets for your YouTube channel or other projects, well here's a good place to get them from! I offer Minecraft animations and renders and for really low prices! I've been doing several Minecraft animations and even trailers for projects with...
  13. TreatStudios

    GFX Thumbnails Fornite Thumbnail Template 2018-03-10

    Fornite Thumbnail Template
  14. EnderArcherYT


  15. AustinCreates24


    Hi! I'm a graphic designer and I love to help people out :) If you are in search for a good logo, a good banner or anything in that route, just simply reply to me ^^ If you want to check out my style you can look at my website under the tab of personal and graphics. (I do have to mention that...
  16. Zatomic

    Thumbnail for Evil Within series.

    Hello. i made an thumbnail for evil within episode 1 on my channel. and i wonder if this thumbnail i made is ok, or if anyone can help making my thumbnails for my evil within series. as i am not the most professional thumbnail maker.
  17. SolemnColt

    Service Paid GFX (Cheap Prices)

    Able to do Logos,Banners,Thumbnails,and Outros. To order reply to this post and put twitter name Logo $1.50 Banner $2 Thumbnail $1.20 Outro $1.00
  18. JunkdudeHD

    GFX Thumbnails [$1] Call of Duty Black Ops II Thumbnail Template 2017-10-15

    A $1 Call of Duty Black Ops II thumbnail template! Terms & Conditions are listed on the download page.
  19. RyanSellers

    Tips & Tricks Derral Eves - VidSummit 2017

    Here is some of the best YouTube advice you will ever get from some of the top social media video marketers in the industry. Derral Eves talked about watch time, playlists, cards, engagement, and more! Ricky Butler talked about working with brands. Joey Fredrick from Team Edge talked about...
  20. Vigilant

    Does anyone have a Skyrim Thumbnail Pack?

    Hey! I've been looking for a Skyrim Thumbnail Pack for one of my videos. If you specialize in making these that'd always be appreciated but if you have one convientently for Skyrim laying around it would be great for me to use! Thanks!