1. Torque

    Gaming I am Torque from Germany

    Hi Freedom! Family! I’m Jörg, best known as Torque by the internet. Content Creator on Twitch & YouTube Long time no see GeorgeWave Please subscribe on YouTube and Follow me on Twitch! That would be so nice! Thanks and Greetings from Germany Jörg alias Torque
  2. zubatscave

    Entertainment A wild Zubat Appeared - In video!

    Hi community, hope everyone is fine! I am a Pokémon lover, after all. During a tough period in my life, where my dad passed away, i've found on Pokémon World a gate to share and express all the love and good feelings that Pokémon Franchise always caused to me. So, I've created a YouTube...
  3. Elly Space

    Entertainment Elly Space - 2121 (music video)

  4. CristoferK

    YouTube Any tips for a channel with Shorts?

    Any tips for a channel with Shorts?
  5. CristoferK

    Subscriber Milestone 169 Subscribers!

  6. CristoferK

    Subscriber Milestone 120 SUBSCIBERS!

    Yay! 120 subscribers! Don't forget to subscribe please: Watch my newest video:
  7. CristoferK

    Subscriber Milestone 100 SUBSCRIBERS!

    YAY! finally 100 subscribers!
  8. CristoferK

    Subscriber Milestone 90 Subscribers!

    Yay! 90! Go and subscribe!
  9. CristoferK

    YouTube How to make my tutorials better?

    If yes how do you want my tutorial to be? With voice, without voice. With intro without intro, etc. Also what type of music you will want there to be? Also say your own tips please! Please reply! ^^ P.S. I am asking this because I want to know how to make my programming tutorials better for...
  10. CristoferK

    Subscriber Milestone 70 SUBSCRIBERS! YAY!

    Yay! 70 subscribers and 1000+ views in total on my channel! :)
  11. CristoferK

    How To Create your own APP or WEBSITE fast and free!

    Hello! I am new here! I am making programming tutorials for everyone! By watching my videos you will learn how to code your own website! Please subscribe!
  12. Hyderpony

    Subscriber Milestone 16,000k Subs

    I have now past 16 k Subs on my channel.
  13. travellingmonk

    Community what kind of vlogs you love to watch ?

    let's see the kind of audience we have here !
  14. travellingmonk

    YouTube how content get viral on youtube? i am unaware

    hi i have seen various videos on youtube getting viral and really surprised the kind of growth they achieved. did you face the same thing ever? i am working on youtube and trying to put cameras, lights , writings , etc on place but sometimes get discouraged when work is not being acknowledged !
  15. DraycosDragon

    Gaming Twitch streamer looking to collab

    Hello there. I have a few games I've been playing a lot for my Twitch live streams. But I feel some of the games I have are more interesting with others. So I'm looking to collab with some people. You can be a YouTuber or a Twitch streamer. I don't mind either way. I just feel like streaming...
  16. Jmgoodog11

    Entertainment My YouTube journey since Oct 2006.

    Long story short, I'm a pretty hardcore gamer, when it comes to something, I will grind it till achieve my goal, even if that goal makes nothing of it, I will continue doing what, I love to do. This is just a few of the ups and downs, I went through doing youtube as a content creator, in 2021...
  17. Carl D

    How do y'all come up with ideas?

    I wanted to ask the community on how y'all come up with ideas for your content? For me I like to type out my ideas on a notepad and just try new things.
  18. Mika the Gamer Wolf

    Entertainment My YouTube Story of Mika the Gamer Wolf

    Hello, this is my story for the past two years on YouTube (My first channel) So, this is where it all started: on May, 10 2018 with just Mika as my channel name. Then on Jan, 16 2019 I changed my Name to PewDieMika to find my Channel Faster and Easier On Jul, 10 2019 I hit 1k Subscribers but...
  19. DanbroUK

    Gaming Baby from hell!!

    Hey guys this is me playing a little horror indie game called baby in yellow enjoy. Let me know what you think in the comments below.
  20. LW

    YouTube Heads up! YouTube strikes for playlists on channels now!

    Hello everyone! Just to get you a quick heads-up: You might want to check your playlists for videos by OTHER CHANNELS breaking YouTube's Terms now. I know, it's crazy. YouTubers all over the platform have been reporting Strikes and Warnings for their Playlists, even their private "Watch later"...