Film/Animation Ascension | Vlog 4 | The Stunts, Panama Shoot Complete + First Trailer Discussed! | GTA V Machinima

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Jul 30, 2014
The fourth official vlog for Grand Theft Auto Ascension; the 10th and final film in the Agent 11 franchise.

In today's video, we discuss the stunts and action sequences you can expect to see in Ascension, where we are with filming and production, and also reveal a few details on upcoming content releasing on the channel; content that includes the first exclusive look at the machinima in the form of an official teaser trailer. It's all here in the latest update vlog!


"It’s the end of an era. After failing their mission to put a stop to the criminal syndicate Scorpio, Niko Bellic and the team are divided. All hope appears lost. But with their city under occupation and a more sinister threat emerging, the team must rise to fight one last mission. A battle where not just the West is at risk, but the future of humanity itself. Victory will mean redemption. Failure will result in annihilation. Agent 11’s ascension is needed now, more than ever."