Assassins Creed #4 Black Flag


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Aug 24, 2015
One simple question on this game: Is it good? I've never been a fan of Assassins Creed games honestly, but I've been really interested and seen a copy for uPlay, for £5. I was wondering if it was worth playing?


Stretch AdventureKS

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Sep 4, 2014
In my opinion it is good. If you don't like the assassin aspect of the game you can see it as a pirate game, and it is a greaat pirate game. Travelling the seas with your big ship, your crew members singing shanties, shooting other ships, hunting for sharks and whales etc. A great experience for those that want to enjoy some rum and some Yoho Yoho.


The Flying Dutchman
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Well my honest opinion is that it is one of the worst...
Now before i am getting attacked, i am true fan to the Ac series and have played it from the first up till the last and have a whole collection but Ac Black Flag was more about pirates then it was about the Assassins.
For me it felt like i was playing Pirates of the Carrabian in a Ac outfit....
In a way it was new and i have got it Platinum for Ps4 but compared to the others then Ac Brotherhood was my favorite.