Complaints Beware all new freedom partners. They will do you the same way


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Sorry to hear your channel was unlinked, I couldn't find anything wrong with your channel either. I guess the only thing could be that you received a 3 month content strike which would make your channel "at risk". From what I have heard Freedom! are being forced by YouTube to remove any channel that has even a possibility of getting a strike.

Do you have examples of vidoes that were mentioned that were classified as at risk?

Robert Clark

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Jan 19, 2017
Houston Texas
I had an issue with unlinking when i first joined, but after getting linked/unlinked twice and appealing third time's a charm. Except then after 6 months of no problems, YouTube made that 4k1k rule and I got unlinked again lol

zeke morgan

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Dec 8, 2015
It can be a bit harsh and brutal with MCN's taking the brunt of things when it comes to YouTube. They do need to be strict in partnering channels, but they also in my opinion need to be sympathetic and do more to help partners, whose channels may be at risk. I never agree with the whole idea of unlinking partners on the off chance something could be wrong with their channels especially when this comes down to 'supposed' issues which have never been outlined or communicated to the partner.

Personally, I think Freedom should do more to communicate with its partners on supposed issues and give them a chance to talk with someone before any unlinking takes place, or at the very least try and whitelist their channel and get them back into the partnership asap if a incorrect unlinking takes place. But then again this is just my two cents on the matter