Request Can someone review my channel


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Oct 15, 2016
Salamanca, Spain
Hi, don't know how qualified I am to review it but first impressions are:
When I opend the channel it took me a while to answer the question "what is this channel about"...I like the banner pic, although it gives no clue as to what to expect, know what I mean?
I've been told loads of time that people need to know instantly what it's about......but then again, my channel is tiny so what the fk do I know lol
Also, like man y have told me about mine, thumbnails need to pop! Apparantley..

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Jul 30, 2014
You've got a really good channel here. The artwork theme is consistent throughout - so you carry your image in your thumbnails, your logo, etc. - and it sells. We know it's your channel just by the artwork, if you get what we mean? Also, you have regular and consistent upload times and schedules, which is great when building a fan-base! In addition to this, your content is edited to a moderately good standard and your intro to your video(s) is solid as well!
Stuff to work on? Maybe work on making the channel itself a bit more professional in its layout. Spruce up the description of your channel by adding more of an in-depth description and, of course, maybe add some of the hyperlinks to other social media pages you have into said description?
All in all, a really solid channel! Keep up the great work!