PC chilled out YouTube/Twitch group looking for more members


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Sep 7, 2020
Hey how's it going you lovely humans beings Hazz here with a new post YAY. Just with a post about my Discord group that I have going on. The group has been around for a few months now and we have around 26 members. We tend to stick to UK and US and also EU just cause that's what we have going on so far. I feel if we opened up to other time zones it'd be harder for us to work with. Our age group is very mixed from 16 to around 20 so if you're interested in joining please be around that age group. We're a very chilled out group we do try to plan recordings but it's not all the time we do collabs it's very open so a collab could happen anytime. We try to be very organised. If you're interested in joining please feel free to add me my Discord is HazzMan4E#413