PC Discord group searching for active members (PC ONLY)


New User
Sep 7, 2020
Hello how's it going hope you're doing well just here to I guess announce that I'm currently searching for some new members for a discord group that I have going on. The reason why I'm looking for new members is cause the group has gone silent I think if we got some new people in and who are looking to be active it could liven the group up again. The group used to be very lively until some stuff went down but I'm not going to bring up drama here. There is currently 15 of us in the group and most members are from the UK we do have people who are from the US too but not that many. The age group is around 18 - 20

hopefully the talk of drama doesn't put you off from joining. The stuff that happened was stupid there was no need for it. Some people are just stupid I guess and just join to cause a scene. We're all pretty chill people once you get to know us

There's not that many requirements. We don't really look for that many just don't be a ***** and be as active as you possibly can really. We understand that obviously people have lives away from the computer lol. We just really wanna see the group active and lively again that's why I'm here making this post. I guess being from the UK would be cool but anyone is welcome just don't have a crazy timezone where it makes things tricky. Oh and also I should probably add YouTube channel size doesn't matter to us as we're all fairly small channels

Well that's enough from me if you're interested please feel free to add me over on Discord. My Discord is ThisIsHM#4130