I need help!

I ran the crypto miner today to find it had an update so I let it auto install. When it was done it restarted it self but in doing so it somehow automatically deleted itself, which I noticed when the shortcut failed to link to the app. And the folder is gone. I went to the freedom dashboard to try to redownload it however it is just a blank white page where the cryptominer page should be and has been for over a month on both the new and old dashboard ever since the new dashboard was released. Is anyone else having this issue? I really need help here. I cant make money any other way since getting unlinked.


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Apr 2, 2016
Vienna, Austria
To temporarily resolve your downloading needs you can get the most recent version of the Miner for Windows or Linux at the direct links.

Could you try clearing cookies and other browser data to see if it fixes it?

For the Crypto Miner having 'deleted' itself, it could be that all that's broken is the redirect on your Desktop (This might happen when upgrading from a <2.0 version). Try looking for the program on your PC (if you're on Windows, I have no idea about Linux):

Press Windows+R and enter %appdata%, press Enter

Then look for a folder called miner.crypto.tm. If it exists try running Crypto Miner.exe in that folder, if it keeps working you can create a new redirect for your desktop to that file.
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Thank you This helped and fixed my main issue. I was looking in the wrong folders for the original file but it did remain and the direct links will help if i need them in the future so thanks for that too!

Also it still remains how come I cannot access the update logs and information on the crypto miner page on the dashboard? Is it just me or the same for everyone?