Introduction Hi, Started Creating Content 17 years ago, Oct,1,2006. Still Here, TOS Rules Changed, Taking old idea's I had from 2006, & making them even better.


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Oct 17, 2014
After making FPS content since 2012 and failing, to gain a fraction of viewers or even subscribers.
I had videos that did well over 20k views and no one subscribes!

The last 4 years, I have been working and putting out some of the best content, I have ever put out.

I use to put out content like Golden sun series, back in 2006 to 2010, but that channel was deleted by YouTube.
Because Nintendo told YouTube to delete My channel! I stopped making the content, that, I loved to make when that happen and it was doing really well, before It was deleted upward of 100k per video back then.

in 2020 I returned to make the content I love to make!

This is some of the content, I had been making and it's only going to keep getting better and better.
I do all the editing, thumbnails, and Commentary.
I add some bits and parts with on screen text in case there is nothing to talk about at that moment!

Golden Sun Walkthrough Complete -

New Nintendo Let's play Walkthrough guides channel
My Failed FPS channel, I made in 2012 with 1,743 subscribers and 1300 videos.
My attempt at making a Tech gaming channel with a lot of live streaming too.
Second channel made in 2006 Rebranded in 2024 for GTA RP Content

Created 2008 -160 followers, inactive.
Created in 2013 - 2,000 followers. inactive.

Content I have posted over the years that has gotten views.
8 years ago -

One last playthrough of defiance 2050 -

Sea of thieves Gold hoarders guides -

Resident evil 2 Series -

All that content above, That is not the content I wanted to do, I always wanted to go back to do the type of content I did in 2006, again, that content is below.

I was doing walkthrough guides and let's plays way back in 2006 to 2010.
I have returned to make that content again, the way I use to make it, I'm sure people will like it, once it gets out there and people start getting my videos put in front of them, a video I uploaded had pushed 9,5k impressions in April, but the click Through was so low the video stopped at 73 views. "Not sure why, but people got the video in front of them! some videos I upload don't even get pushed out though.

Harvest Moon (Snes) (Eve) Full Series -

Harvest Moon AWL (GC) -

Dragon ball Z Boo's Fury (GBA SP) -

Legend of Zelda Ocarina of time:
This game got my 2006 channel deleted in 2010, New recordings the old footage is lost or on disks.

Final Fantasy

Final Fantasy 1 Walkthrough Full Complete -
Final Fantasy 2 "Not Sure" I think Number 2 is Number 4. I would have to go back and play The original 2 "Will Update if I can confirm this and play it some time soon.
Final Fantasy 3 Walkthrough Full Complete -
Final Fantasy 4 Walkthrough Full Complete -
Final Fantasy 5 Walkthrough Full Complete -
Final Fantasy 6 Full walkthrough!, "On hold for the last bit of it" -
Final Fantasy Mystic Quest Walkthrough Full Complete-
Final Fantasy 7 "Will live stream this one" -
Final Fantasy 8 On hold, Till I get time to finish it -

Dragon Quest
Dragon Quest I Walkthrough Full Complete -
Dragon Quest II Walkthrough Full Complete -
Dragon Quest III Walkthrough Full Complete -
Dragon Quest IV Walkthrough Full Complete -
Dragon Quest V Walkthrough Full Complete -
Dragon Quest VI Walkthrough Full Complete -
Dragon Quest VII Walkthrough Full Complete -
Dragon Quest VIII "On Hold till, I finish Final fantasy 8" FF8 is also On Hold, but you can check it out here. -

Pokémon Full Series to be completed at some point -

Donkey Kong 1,2,3 Complete -

Super Mario Bros 2 All Stars -

(live Stream) 40 hour GTA RP -

(Live) Paper Mario Series -

(Live) (SNES) Super Mario World -

(Live) (SNES) Donkey Kong 1 -

(Live) (SNES) Donkey Kong 2 Part 1 -
(Live) (SNES) Donkey Kong 2 part 3 -

(Live) (GC) Legend of Zelda Windwaker -

I Never ask people to come support me and what I do, I live stream as well.
I never beg people to stay and watch my long hour streams.
I have done 20 hour streams then get 4 hours of sleep, get up and do it again.

People show up and drop by, but they never show support when I try to do it full time.
I never ask people to donate or give me money! They know, I stream for free, I don't care about money.

I'm trying to get my kick to 142 to 1,500 followers, then I would need to meet some other goals, like 100 viewers and 300 active chatters over time to get into the kick creator program to make money for free and not have to rely, on much to make income.

I can make money on twitch through the ads, but I don't really have people who watch me stream on twitch,

My YouTube channels are not monetized due to the restrictions 4k hours + subscribers, being impossible to reach.
I would like to get my New gameplay channel monetized someday as the content I put out is stuff.
I will keep uploading to it and there will be well over 5,000 videos on that channel at some point I'm at 411 right now.
I don't know what else to add here but I'm not a new creator, I have been doing this a long time and nothing as really worked out and that's okay, I will keep trying even after 17 years of putting out content, I'm still here doing it.

if you made it this far, Thankyou for taking the time to look over the content.
Give me feed back, if you want to, I ask for it all the time, but it would help, if I'm doing something wrong let me know.
Over the years people have told me the content, I do post is good, they don't see why, I don't have more viewers.
I just tell them, I could upload for the next 20 years, I would still never get noticed,
People need to come back and support and watch everyday without that the channel just dies you go back to square 1 and have to start all over again.

People with channels that get 300k views on YouTube have been saying their channels get shadow banned - and it don't push the content to new viewers, I feel like, I have been shadow banned on YouTube for a long time since 2010, as I don't really think my content gets pushed to anyone even if I use keywords and all that stuff.