Community How is everyone this time of the year?


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May 18, 2017
Hey All,

Just enjoying my evening and listening to some music, felt like dropping by to ask how is everyone doing? The forum has been quiet and I wanted to say hi and wish everyone a happy new year 2022 in two days time.

If you see this, why not leave a reply and send your new year's greetings!

I'll end with a song by Vanessa Amorosi that was sung on new year's eve 1999 before the new millennium, it's called "Absolutely Everybody".

Jan 9, 2022
I'm a bit late to the new year's party but happy new year! I'm doing fine myself but as a returning user to freedom (my old channel used to be partnered with them) I can't help but feel a bit sad about how different it feels around these parts now. Like, there's no enthusiasm... We should try our best to spread joy and to entice people to be active on here :)