Official How to collaborate on our forums! (Collaboration Template)

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Hello Freedom! Family,

On our forums the collaboration section is very popular, and helpful in finding people to work with. To make finding collaborations easier, we have added new Forum Tags!

Each Forum Tag has a very specific meaning, so depending on what kind of collaboration you do will depend on the tag. From there your title will explain what kind of collaboration you wish to do! The more descriptive the title the easier it will be to find helpful collaborations! I will give you a good and bad example of threads.

Good Example:

[PC Collaboration] Looking to Play MineCraft Adventure Map with a group of four.

This is very specific, It tells me they are Playing MineCraft on PC, they are doing an adventure map, and are looking for four people. Letting me know all the information clear and concise.

When it comes to collaborating clear and concise tags and thread titles will help you work with other Freedom! partners faster!

If you click on the new Tags it will show all the threads with the same tag!

Let's try it with [PC Collaboration]

As you can see it will display all the threads under PC collaboration, making it easier to find the collaboration of your choice!

Once you have Created a thread you should ask people for information. I recommend using this template created by @Pskovanion :

Age: Although this shouldn't matter, i understand an 23 years old YouTuber doesn't want to collaborate with a 12 year old, because the age gap is far too large.

Channel main topic: For example - Gaming, Vlogging, Reviewer, Fashion, Film, Etc.

(Optional) What games/Which platform would you like to Collaborate: IF you are requesting a game collaboration it can come in handy to say what games you have/what games you like. this prevents even more confusion when people are commenting, it is also important to use the PROPER TAG!

Amount of subscribers: Although you may not like it, 95% of larger YouTubers don't want to collaborate with smaller channels. I know, it isn't fair but they have their reasons for it. To make it easier on everyone stating how many Subscribers you have saves time.

Other ways to contact you: Examples - Skype, Twitter, Forum Conversation, Thread Reply

About Your Channel: Tell them about you/your channel. Make sure people know who you are! What makes you unique?

Link to Channel: This is to let them find your channel, and see how you do YouTube! This is not for means to advertise. If a person believes you are advertising the Forum team has full permission to warn! This is your forewarning.

If Done Correctly It would look like this, Here is what it would look like if @George filled it out:

Age: 39
Channel Main Topic: YouTube Growth and Development
(Optional) VLOG, Specifically about Growth!
Amount of Subscribers: 104,000
Other ways to contact you: Forum Conversation
About your channel:
Link to channel:

Thanks to Kan and Pskovanion for the original guide!
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