Complaints I am literally done with Freedom! Support.


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I am so angry right now. I just want them to remove one claim made by Freedom! themselves, and we're now approaching a month and a half since I sent a request, and it feels like they're not really even doing anything. Today I got an email reply saying, "Sorry for the inconvenience you have faced. We've escalated this issue to our development team to look into your channel and do the validation/investigation in some technical aspects in the CMS."

"Investigation"? WHAT DOES IT TAKE TO REMOVE A CLAIM? Other people have removed claims only a few minutes after I asked. Why is Freedom! making it so complicated? My patience is at its thinnest right now. I just wish I could understand WHY it's taking so long.

I'm sorry if this post has offended anybody, as that is not my intention, but as I said I am extremely angry at the lack of support I'm seemingly being provided with. I think I'll just take matters into my own hands from now on, because the support here is already enough to make me consider leaving Freedom! altogether. And I don't really want to do that.

I just hope they can fix my problem with Universal Uploader as quickly as possible. After that, I am on my own.


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The claim should now be removed, let me know if there are still any issues with it.

Again sorry for the delay this was our fault, when your support ticket was passed onto the content ID it was not placed in the content ID queue to be removed and was not processed. The head of support has told me that this slip up has now been addressed to ensure it doesn't happen with any other partners.

You have been part of the Freedom! community for a long time so I hope you can continue on with us. If you do have any problems you can always send me a message.
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