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Hello Freedom! Family,
We have a lot of discussion sections! Which have great conversations but please read this before posting!

Some things to do in the discussion sections:
  • Discuss what the section is about if Gaming Discussion Section, Discuss gaming. Movie Discussion, movies, etc.
  • Ask for suggestions on what to watch/read, or suggest something you like to others.
  • Share your thoughts and opinion in written form.
  • Meet and interact with like minded individuals
Things you should not do in the discussion sections:
  • No advertising Links (No links to your own channel, videos or social media.)
  • No requesting feedback, subscribers, likes, views, etc.
  • Raging, swearing, disrespecting others and in general being mad (Please remember that people state their own opinions here)
  • No Inappropriate Content(Lets not discuss anything that's rated 18+, because this is family friendly forums.)
  • General Discussion is not for support questions please post in General Support.
Please remember that the Forum rules also apply in this section.

Last Reviewed: Feb 13th 2018
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