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Jun 18, 2016
I'd love for my channel to be reviewed, any constructive criticism/advice will be welcomed. I want to know what you guys think I'm doing wrong, what I'm doing good at and how I can improve my channel.
Any Ideas as to what else I could do to improve my channel and help it grow, so that I may achieve some of my goals.


KnightHunter Studios

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Jul 30, 2014
Overall you have a really solid channel with a very clear target audience (and, not to mention, overall objective for the channel, it being a gaming one!). There are a few recommendations we could give that could help you boost your channel even more though (and this is purely subjective of course, but these recommendations have assisted us in the past with our channel!)

Firstly, perhaps try and upload at more regular and frequent times? Have a clear guideline for when videos will be uploaded and perhaps communicate that with your audience so you can build up anticipation for new videos, etc! Also, a major thing is style. You want the channel to ooze professionalism and craft-worthiness once someone clicks on said channel, so maybe try and do some reform on thumbnails and the overall theme/style of the channel? Some consistency in the style would also help build your channel as a brand, thus building more of a reputation and a following! Lastly, we'd recommend displaying any social media links on the front page of your channel so people know where/how to access your content elsewhere more effectively.

Of course, these are only suggestions! Overall the quality of content is good and you have an aim in mind for what you want your channel to be! Great work dude! Keep it up! :)
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Apr 2, 2016
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Interesting channel! I have some suggestions to help it maybe:
  • The Channel Trailer from 3 years ago can't be representing your channel anymore, you have a facecam and a voice now! Make a new one out of talking and highlights!
  • Upload more consistently, as KnightHunter Studios said above
  • Looking at your last video maybe cut the intro a bit shorter, the first 10 seconds are the most crucial to prevent viewers from leaving and that intro and the fade from black fill those with flashy text and darkness. At this point I usually recommend the "Linus Tech Tips way" of doing an intro. On their channel they talk for up to a minute to grab a viewer's attention, (show a sponsor spot) all before rolling the intro. That way you keep the consistent branding of having an Intro while also having those critical 10 seconds to hook your viewers.
  • Moving on in that video there's this stream overlay all the time. Was this a stream? Then why isn't there a link to where I can see future streams like it as they come out? (I'll get to the links later) Also, why doesn't the description or title tell me it was a stream? (If it wasn't one why is there an overlay in the first place?)
  • At the end of the video there's an animated outro with more calls to action. That said it's 2020 and we use End Screens now to get people to subscribe and watch more videos.
  • Your channel banner feels a bit chaotic to me, the many fonts and the gray text don't pop out enough, the first thing I want my eyes to go to is your channel name so I remember it.
  • Create. Playlists. They're free promotion for getting someone to watch an entire series, let you link a series and show up in search results. I'm at least missing a "Surviving the Madness of Amnesia The Dark Descent" Playlist for that series, anything with more than 2 videos in a group should be a playlist.
  • It might just be my terrible Chrome Extension but make sure your most recent video has tags.
    • General tagging tangent: Take your time to write tags. They're what search engines look for the most if they're accurate. Take about half an hour per video to consider tags to put on it, those being general ones ("Amnesia The Dark Descent") and more specific ones of special things happening in a video.
  • Remember when I got mad at the links earlier? upload_2020-7-7_22-48-16.png This one doesn't work, your twitch channel is called bizmeister, not bizmeister12 ;)

I know it always looks intimidating when I hit people with my famous wall of text but I hope some of the advice helps! Keep uploading (regularly) and you'll get places!