Entertainment The first EXCLUSIVE look at 'ASCENSION' - a Grand Theft Auto V Machinima

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Jul 30, 2014
The first exclusive look at Grand Theft Auto Ascension, the 10th and final film in the Agent 11 franchise. This is the first video in the behind the scenes 'shot montage' series, where we showcase on-set footage from the variety of locations and sets Ascension visits.

Having released on the traditional date of the 24th December 2022, we hope all our fans and followers and every person watching our content has a very merry Christmas and has an enjoyable holiday season! KnightHunter Studios has a lot in store for 2023 and we cannot wait to show off the work we have done on Ascension: the biggest machinima we have ever made, and a film that will push GTA V to its limits. But until then, from all of us at KnightHunter Studios: merry Christmas and happy holidays!