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Aug 15, 2014
Hey guys how is everyone today im kieran from ausgaming. Todoay im looking for a group of people 15+ thankyou. Im ex army i like to joke around alot and chill, Im on the xbox one and list of games:

call of duty modern warfare and warzone
gta 5
world of warships
i have in total of 75 games

My age: 26

what do i do on my channel: I do alot of funny moments on my channel and abit of montage i have a series of warzone javelin kill games we are upto S1E2 doing S1E3 now thats doing really well with the first video doing 3789 with 20-50 views a day on that video and the S1E2 has 55 doing 15-50 views a day between that i add in funny moments.

what am i looking for in a collb people that are 15+ and willing to have fun and enjoy playing within the group and have a laugh.

where am i located: im on the east coast of Australia the time zone for that is AEST (Australian Eastern Standard Time) UTC/GMT +10

What times i do i get on: I work days and nights so i get on when i can most friday and saturdays i play from 7pm-1am

Subscribers on my channel: to this date 30/5/2020 250

what my view rate: last 30 days 5.75K and overall on my channel 74.1K with 535 videos

my xbox gamertag: xXausgamingXx

my channel:

if you like what you see reply for some awesome funny moments for you and me cheers ausgaming