1. CurelessMatt

    PC Ultra-Hardcore Survival Collab? Minecraft (PC)

    Hi Y'all! Longtime no see. Years ago my friend Tom and I would host these Ultra-Hardcore survival tournaments in Minecraft for our fellow youtubers and streamers. We had a blast doing these. We want to host another Tournament! and are wondering if anyone is interested in playing in one? If...
  2. TehTrulyGamers

    PC Looking For Youtubers To Play Minecraft With!

    Hello all my name is TrulyChris and I play on a small minecraft server called MushCraft SMP. We are always looking for new members to join us as well as to collab with. We are looking to have a fun, active community, awesome builds, and love to see other players talents. If you are 18 or older...
  3. OpDeWeg

    Gaming OpDeWeg.

    Hey. OpDeWeg Here. I'm 17 Years old, tryna grow! (Minecraft Videos) Just wanted to introduce myself have a great day! Youtube.com/OpDeWeg
  4. S

    Gaming Hi, I'm Salt Destroyer

    Hi, I'm Salt Destroyer and I make minecraft and fortnite videos pretty often( up to 2 times a week).
  5. Peekstixx

    Gaming I'm a Gamer and Vlogger Youtuber

    Hey guys I'm peekstix. Im a yourube gamer and I'm playing minecraft and givng tutorials on what to build and how to build blocks. I also plan to make vlogs with my family since my daughter is coming this February. My wife is giving birth to my first child :) wish me luck guys and you will see...
  6. PoolieLadHD

    Gaming Minecraft (1.14.4 | 1.15.1) - Seamless Portals - Nether | The End | Glass Mirror

    Hi Guys, Long time, I have returned to creating Youtube content and at the moment I am really enjoying my time with Minecraft. I play Modded, Vanilla and do Tutorials, Survival and Cinamatics. Here my First video on Minecraft is showcasing an intriguing mod that i came across, my commentary...
  7. Koala_Steamed

    Minecraft: Is it a good time to start creating content?

    Minecraft has been one of those games that people love to play even up to now! The question now though, is it still a good time to start creating content on Minecraft? If you are a Minecraft fan and you still have plans to start your Minecraft channel, well, we have good news for you! Check out...
  8. Koala_Steamed

    Games that Offer a lot of Content

    Do you know what games you can play that will produce a lot of content? On this episode of MGN, we will be able to help you out with that. This episode will be able to give you a ton of information on what kinds of content you can make on the games we will be mentioning.
  9. Crillikin

    Gaming Minecraft Hello Neighbor - Minecraft (Horror Map)

    Feel free to leave feedback :)
  10. superdevilmadnesshd

    GFX Request (Paid) I am looking for someone that can make minecraft thumbnails for my channel

    Hello, i am looking for a person that can make quality minecraft thumbnails for my videos, I will pay you starting off at $20 a month, and every hundred 100 subscribers i get i will add another $1 to that $20 monthly payment. I would like you to produce thumbnails of the quality of the ones i...
  11. Koala_Steamed

    Which games do you play when you have burnout?

    On this episode Nold will be discussing 8 games that will take your BURNOUT AWAY. Burnout is one of the worst feelings for a content creator. When you feel that your hard work and creativity are not being rewarded and you feel like you want to give up but you’re still not sure about it. My...
  12. PurpleBox

    Gaming Hey there!

    Hey, I'm Nate, but I go by PurpleBox on my YouTube channel, I upload content like Minecraft, Garry's Mod, and other stuff I have planned for the future :) I am from the UK, I'm 16 and I really enjoy entertaining people, its always been a passion of mine (Ive had a few other youtube channels in...
  13. SadClown654

    PC Minecraft Collab

    Hey everyone, For years I have been a solo minecrafter on my channel, for a while now though I have been loosing interest in making content for my channel and I have been trying to keep going but it's been affecting my channel and it has suffered as a result. It took me a while of trail, error...
  14. Cheyhuahua

    Gaming Minecraft SMP Recruitment & Ideas!

    So... I was the typical 13 year old who recorded Minecraft videos at home after school, now 21, I want to make a return! An SMP server (with a modpack) to come back with is my idea and I'm after a few people of similar ages to join me and maybe have some ideas about what we can do with the...
  15. Ricola4325

    Gaming Colaboración en Minecraft (Factions)

    ¡Hola! Estoy formando un clan en Minecraft en la conocida modalidad de "Factions" y estoy invitando a youtubers para colaborar y crecer todos juntos, para los que no sepan de que trata es muy simple: · Formas un clan · Consigues miembros · Construis una base · Creáis armas · Combatís contra...
  16. Ricola4325

    Gaming Factions Minecraft collab

    Hello, im looking for people that like play Minecraft, more specific "Factions", if you're new in that modality it doesn't matter! We can learn and grow together, our Faction is only spanish for now, but we can speak english too to comunicate. If you are interested, there is our Discord server...
  17. Some Bad Gamer

    PC Looking at starting an MC server need people to play with

    Hello, I am interested in starting an MC server that would be with either plugins or mods, whichever one people want. Anyways I am looking for people that would be interested in joining and hopefully forming a small community around it. If your interested contact me via discord DC Gaming and...
  18. K

    Gaming Grupo de minecraft en español

    Interesados mandar mensaje a [email protected]
  19. A

    Gaming Hey, this is the introduction to my youtube channel

    Your name/alias: Where are you from?: New Jersey How old are you?: 18 How did you find Freedom!? Youtube back in like 2014 What made you join our forums?:Youtube Video What are your hobbies?: Boxing, gaming, basketball What is your favorite food? Pizza Why did you start YouTube? Thought it was...
  20. GulfBulk

    Service Request Free. I Need A Video Editor. And A Thumbnail Maker.

    right now i am too busy to make thumbnails or edit my own videos. but i do have time to record my videos. but sadly i have no money to actually pay someone for making a thumbnail or editing my videos. so this job is completely voluntary! the least i could do is i could give you a shout out in...