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  1. Elly Space

    Entertainment Elly Space - 2121 (music video)

  2. Giosaia S. Perillo

    Music Hey!!! I am a music creator!

    I create music: - Beats; - Covers; - Write original songs. Pls, for your sake, subscibe because I will be uploading covers and original music!!! Watch this for more info: Check out my: Facebook Page ==> Instagram ==> If you want to support my...
  3. MidlandUnionBeats

    Music New Youtube Chanel

    Hello everybody, we introduce ourselves briefly: our name is Midland Union Beats we are 4 beat producers from Germany and are working on building our own beats for sale and releasing them on Youttube. These beats are free to use by the name taggs in the beats and you have to link or mention...
  4. I

    Music YouTube Music Covers

    Check out my YouTube channel I post Music Covers. I hope you enjoy! Here is the link: Don't forget to subscribe!
  5. Scriby Catz

    GFX Request Looking for Youtube Banner

    Hello everyone I'm looking for someone to get me a youtube banner. So if you want to help me out some than thats great! Best Regards Zombes18
  6. M80 BEATZ

    Music m80beatz here [READ THIS]

    Hey everyone my name is M80 but you can call me Mike im a Producer and new to creating content for YouTube i am usually watching it. I have been making beats for a few years now but just recently started taking it serious and work on my craft. so i decided to post my work on YouTube trying to...
  7. Swandezvous

    Music I'm Swandezvous, and I'm impressed!

    Hey all! Boy, I'm really happy to have come across this forum. I'm already enjoying everything about it. It's a great layout, good incentive with the credit system, and just a great attitude I'm seeing across the board from users. I'm an indie musician from the Pacific Northwest, who's been...
  8. Boris Gonschorek

    YouTube Monetize videos automatically created in Google Photos?

    Is it easy to monetize the videos created automatically by Google Photos, or do you get problems with Google's content ID system? ...

    FTU Sounds Wind of Dreams 2017-03-20

  10. crosbymowry

    Entertainment Coming back... as a Music/ entertainment channel

    = Hi my name is Crosby Mowry = I'm from California, but live in Florida now. = I'm 16, going on 17 = I found Freedom! by being curious and finding it on Youtube. = I joined the forums to get more connected with this community. = I love to make music, draw and hangout. = If we are talking food my...
  11. Nexus Vibes

    Subscriber Milestone NexusVibes: No Copyright Music Channel Wants to Say, Thank you for 100+ Subscribers!

    Hello Freedom! Fam, We started a no copyright music promotion channel about a month ago called " NexusVibes " to help & support, up & coming no copyright music producers. We hit over 100+ Subscribers, recenetly & wow was we shocked by the support we are getting its crazy... We are extremely...
  12. Nexus Vibes

    Subscriber Milestone NexusVibes: music channel news/update, Thank you for 100+ Subscribers!

    Hello Freedom! Fam, We started a no copyright music promotion channel about a month ago called " NexusVibes " to help & support, up & coming no copyright music producers. An yesterday we hit over 100+ Subscribers, wow was we shocked by the support we are getting its crazy... We are extremely...
  13. Nexus Vibes

    Music NexusVibes - A No Copyright Music Promotion Channel!

    " Nexus Vibes " is a brand new youtube channel to promote independent music producers. We are currently searching for independent no copyright music producers to join our youtube channel family & have your tracks promoted by us on our channel and all related social media?, So if u make, House...
  14. Nexus Vibes

    Request NexusVibes - Please Review Our Music Channel!

    Hello from NexusVibes! 1st of all thanks for clicking this post, Your AWESOME! ;). I'm trying to be a no copyright music promoter, just recently hit 70 subs which is fantastic, Right now we are uploading songs from a few no copyright producers who have partnered with us to have there tracks...
  15. Nexus Vibes

    Music NexusVibes

    Hello, my name is Paulie D!. How or where to start thats a very good question, well this time last year in my personal life something truly turned my life upside down & i took solace in music when i was down or feeling depressed so the saying " Music saved my life truly comes in to play & now...
  16. Tdancetv2

    Entertainment 2016 MTV VMA's Beyince Booty Poppin,Drake Loves Rihanna,Teyana Taylor HOT Performance

    my review of one of the best and most shocking MTV VMAS shows yet enjoy! I use lots of adult humor and thats the way my fans like it... viewer discretion advised
  17. Chronamut

    Subscriber Milestone 350 Subscribers!

    50 subscribers - achieved! 100 subscribers - achieved! 150 subscribers - achieved! 200 subscribers - achieved! 250 subscribers - achieved! 300 subscribers - achieved! 350 subscribers - achieved! super stoked! My userbase is going up slowly but surely! Thanks guys! I make mostly music these days...
  18. Vanessa Aleec'a White

    Review4Review Check out my page!!!

    Please check out my videos and give feedback and I'll return the favor!!!
  19. K

    Music Hey no my name is actually Comet

    Hey my name is comet (not krakel idk why its that) and i make music remake remix videos that i make and maybe start doing some gaming and other videos. im hoping to get 10k on this channel and working hard to get there. have a great day and keep the good work up and you'll get far bye bye.
  20. R

    Hola un Saludos a Todos, Mi Canal es Nuevo RataelShow, Suscribete

    Un saludo a la comunidad de Freedom! quisiera pedirle a todos ustedes que me puedan apoyar en mi canal y juntos crecer como comunidad, mi canal es nuevo y hasta ahora se trata de videos compilation, videos tutoriales y de baile, muy pronto con su apoyo empezare hacer videos Blog cuando tengas...