1. Mika the Gamer Wolf

    Entertainment My YouTube Story of Mika the Gamer Wolf

    Hello, this is my story for the past two years on YouTube (My first channel) So, this is where it all started: on May, 10 2018 with just Mika as my channel name. Then on Jan, 16 2019 I changed my Name to PewDieMika to find my Channel Faster and Easier On Jul, 10 2019 I hit 1k Subscribers but...
  2. KnightHunter Studios

    Gaming The Heir of Scorpio BTS | The Story | GTA V Machinima HD |

    The third official 'behind the scenes' feature from THE HEIR OF SCORPIO; the ninth and final chapter in the Agent 11 franchise. In this video, we explore the story of THE HEIR OF SCORPIO, looking at character intentions and narrative arcs, as well as showcasing what it was like crafting the...
  3. RyanSellers

    Live Scary Stream Stalker Story

    Story about my friends live stream: Someone personated my friends dad on his live stream like a week and a half ago or so. He has no idea how the person got his dad's name, because he doesn't talk about him on social media and his dad isn't on social media because he passed away years ago. His...
  4. YTBotGelb

    Music A small music-channel, with big enthusiasm

    Hey there. My name is Tim aka BotGelb (or BG), I'm from Germany, Bavaria and 18 years old. I'm playin piano for 11 years now. I found freedom through the google search because I was looking for a specific community friendly network who allow everyone to join them :) I made my way to the forums...
  5. D

    Gaming Destiny 2 Walkthrough Ep. 2 Exodus

    I am making a series of all destiny 2 story missions. I would like any feedback you can give me.
  6. Shabi

    Gaming Heyo I'm Shabi

    when i was little i used to watch the yogscast and i would always think about playing games and showing other i've had my channel for about 4 years now but i only started uploading content the last 2 years i used to make eddited gaming videos spiced up with some memes but now i stream i love...
  7. Fun Times

    Gaming Tekken 7 - Ep 2 - PLEASE STOP PUNCHING ME

  8. N

    Best Game of 2016/2017?

    I found this amazing game called OxenFree that is absolutely amazing! It has a deep story. Its fun, and has a lot of secrets! If you're interested in checking it out I'm currently playing it just search "OxenFree Big Ounce" if you're interested!

    FTU Sounds Wind of Dreams 2017-03-20

  10. Cinefilm Studios

    News The Beginning of Cinefilm Studios

    I'm Colby Robison. I'm about to begin my YouTube Channel Cinefilm Studios very soon! I plan to release sketches & short films, as I've had a passion for professional filmmaking my whole life! This is actually not entirely new to me - I've had a lifetime of experience past me (Joke intended - I'm...
  11. Scalperhero

    VLOG The Wrong Crowd - My Story - Get To Know Me [#3]

    So when i moved i got myself into some real stupid situations such as drinking and doing drugs such as smoking weed and solid a lot of people wouldn't find that a problem but it was a problem to me as thats one situation i did not want to be in, there was also a point where i would be drinking a...
  12. Danroka

    Gaming My attempt at being an Evil Sith

    Hello everyone! Danroka here, I started working on a SWTOR playthrough and decided to deviate from my norm. Whenever I play a game that has an alignment of any kind (Good / Evil), I tend to go Good, it's just how I am... but to be a little different, I decided to make a SWTOR playthrough and go...
  13. Scalperhero

    VLOG Prisoner At School - My Story - Get To Know Me [#2]

    so when i went to the bigger school i was bullied a lot and i mean a lot same with my best friend until one day we decided that we wouldn't be anymore and took matters into our own hands to stop the bulling but a few weeks after we solved this problem i ended up with another problem and got...
  14. Red Bean

    Fun and Games Let's Write a Story One Word at a Time

    Rules are simple, each person write one word, and try to make a story out of it. Let's see how crazy this gets :)
  15. crosbymowry

    News GooD night everyone! :D

    Good night I hope that you had a great day, and do me a favor and don't let the little things bring you down they just make things harder for you. Sleep tight :)
  16. CyborgMonkeyYT

    Forum Milestone 3 years of membership

    Ive been on this boat for three long years, met some peeps such as @Row @Danny @Kan @Ernest Stefan, @Pskovanion @McGahan I was a staff member of many positions, including Forum Ambassador, Manager at Freedom Idol, Freedom Recruiter, Teamspeak Moderator, Chatbox Moderator, and had a Forum...
  17. Behind2Beards

    Gaming World of Warcrafts MOST Demonic Class of ever

    Come with Behind2Beards as we experience the most Demonic class of them all ... This video has some outstanding cinematics! This is my first video shared on you guys at Freedom! I really hope you enjoy!
  18. vmancool

    Gaming Journey Walkthrough Part 4 - LOST IN SNOW - Let's Play Gameplay/Commentary

    NEW SHIRT STORE : You Can also check out my social Media SHIRT STORE : Support Me : Facebook Page : Follow me Freedom link...
  19. AFKPlays

    Best Story based games.....

    I would like hear all your opinions on some best games known for the story.......I have a few examples (Life Is Strange, The Last of Us)
  20. Demkeys

    Story writing for video games

    So, I'm sure many of you (even those of you who don't have a Let's Play channel) have played video games. A lot of video games have stories in them. Some video games are actually story-based, where they provide you with a back story, and then the gameplay starts, and the story progresses as you...